Sparking Creativity with Barry Kudrowitz

This week I talk to Barry Kudrowitz about the intersection of play, humor, and creativity. Who are the most creative thinkers? Are you one of them? How often are you playing to come up with new ideas or uses for your products or services (or your customers’ products and services?) What are the best tools …

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Doc Reed // Where Are They Now series

Have you had a friend that you can’t really pin point when you met them, they feel like they have been in your life for a long time and it feels like they have always been there? That is what Doc Reed is like for me. He has been on this creative journey with me …

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Workshop this month

Marketing Brainstorm Workshop with Anneli Hansson An interactive brainstorming workshop with Anneli Hansson & new, creative-thinking friends help you find with new ways you could market and reach your ideal customers. August 14, 2023 from 2–4pm ET / 7–9pm BST / 11am–1pm PTHave you ever wished you could recruit a few creative-thinking friends to help …

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Scotty Russell // Where Are They Now series

Scotty Russell is a coach, artist, designer, podcaster, speaker, dad to three and husband. Scotty is someone who is passionate about helping other people. He is empathetic towards people who are amazing but are in less than great situations. He has helped hundreds of creatives take their side hustle to be their main hustle through his unique spin on mindset, motivation, and marketing.

Jason Craig // Where Are They Now series

Jason Craig has been someone that people can relate to. He has fun with design, is an amazing illustrator and designer but can also loosen up and not take things so serious. In this episode we will look at how and what he has been doing since going on his own. I believe he has …

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