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Summer Camp 2021 starts June 28

Summer Camp 2020 started June 29
registration is closed

Early Bird registration opens May 31

*Or until tickets sell out. Space is limited

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A stellar, month-long, daily, line-up of 15 thought leaders & industry innovators who will masterfully guide you on reaching your ideal customers, reframing any mindset barriers, and scaling your business.

Do you have a minimum of 3 hours per week to work on your business? If so then camp is for you. 15 Pre-recorded videos, a combination of   learning + action steps and reflection in worksheets + practice in live meet-ups + implementation and a willingness to be better and change you will watch your business grow!

Go from a Directionless, Alone, & Overwhelmed Owner
to a Confident, Focused, & Supported Entrepreneur


Watch your business relationships ignite, fueling steady growth & lasting success.


Stop wasting your time trying to figure out what to do, get direction from 25 experts.


Get out of your own way and dissolve inner blocks to create a thriving business.


  • Solopreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Web and Digital Solution Specialists
  • Illustrators
  • Designers
  • Strategists
  • Branding Specialists
  • Studio Managers
  • Small Agency Owners
  • Educators teaching self-promotion

Are you tired of feeling like a technician, pushing pixels for your clients?

Last Summer's line up

Chris Do


Failure Is Part
of The Process

Gay Hendricks


Living In Your
Genius Spiral

Bonnie Tsang


The Courage
to be vulnerable

Jamal Collins


Working Hard, Giving Back, Not Giving Up

Dustin Lee


Writing Emails
For a Sales Series

Melinda Livsey


Win Hearts
Through Emails

Laura Beauparlant



Mike Janda


Creating Content From Personal Experience

Tom Ross


The Power
in the Direct message

Scotty Russell


How to attract & build a connected community

Dave Clayton


The Currency Of


title coming

Day Camper

Month-Long Solo Learning Experience
$ 97
  • 2-months of Access to Videos from
    25 Thought Leaders & Industry Experts
  • Digital Step-by-Step Workbook
  • Action-Steps and Exercises to Grow
    Sales and Sharpen Mindset
  • Goal Tracker Chart
    for the month of July and August
  • Progress Posts & Story Templates to Share
    Your Progress on Instagram
  • Scavenger Hunts with Weekly Prizes

Happy Camper

Month-Long Community Experience
$ 197
  • Lifetime Access to 27 Videos from
    27 Thought Leaders & Industry Experts
  • Campfire Chats
    Twice-a-Week LIVE Zoom Calls
  • Access to a Camp Slack Channel
  • LIVE Workshop
    with Dave Clayton on July 18
  • Digital Postcards to Share
    What You're Learning
  • August 1 Last Day of Camp
    Celebration of Wins
    LIVE Zoom Gathering
  • Camp Sticker
  • Digital Badge for Your Site & Socials
  • Plus All Benefits for Day Campers

Trail Blazer

Intense Month-Long Experience with VIP Perks
$ 347
  • Smaller Group Sizes
    for Breakout Sessions
    During Campfire Chats
  • Quarterly, Small Group
    Progress Check-ins via Zoom
  • 1 One-hour Coaching Call
    with diane (one-on-one) $150 value*
  • $150 off Coupon for 4-Pack
    of Coaching Calls* with diane (one-on-one)
  • Trail Blazer T-Shirt
  • Camp Sticker Pack
  • Sketchbook
  • Plus All Benefits
    for Happy Campers & Day Campers

Money Back Guarantee

If after you finish the course work* (watch videos & complete the daily actionable steps) you don’t feel that the camp was worth the fee, you can request a 60-day money back guarantee until August 31.

*You will be asked to show your completed workbook.

Registration is Closed

Get on the list to learn more about Creatives Ignite Summer Camp 2021. A Virtual Summer Camp for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Thank you for subscribing!

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Are you ready to

  • Learn How to REACH Your Ideal Customer?
  • RETAIN those Customers?
  • REFRAME Hindering Mindsets?

You can go it alone, but we know there is power in community. If you purchase the Trail Blazer or Happy Camper Experience you will have daily support in Slack, and twice a week LIVE calls on Zoom.

The Trail Blazers and Happy Campers also get a LIVE Workshop which will help you make more connections with other people. Seeing them face-to-face (virtually using a camera).

Accountability and community support change businesses. We’ve seen accelerated growth when like-minded entrepreneurs want to make a change, create a product, or reach a goal.

Let’s do it TOGETHER!

This camp isn't for you if:

  • You’re looking for a shortcut
    or a golden ticket
  • Too scared to invest time & energy
  • Don’t have time to commit to your business
  • You’re not willing to make changes or pivot
  • You’ve recently entered the industry
  • You’re not the decision maker
  • You’re not looking for clarity, direction, encouragement, or accountability

Are You what's holding your business from success?

If so you’re in the right place. If you’re not sure, this camp will help you uncover myths
you’re telling yourself about your business or your abilities .

2020 camp Topics included

  • Details Which Delight
  • Selling: The Energy You Bring to a Room
  • Being Unstoppable During Storms 
  • The Courage to be Vulnerable
  • Failure is Part of the Process
  • Clarifying Your Messaging
  • Living in Your Genius Spiral
  • Attitude Adjustments
  • Personas and the Lifestyle Journey of Your Customer
  • The Power of the DM
  • The Power of Overcoming Fear with Visualization
  • Web Accessibility: User-friendly Color Considerations 
  • SEO Insights for Creatives
  • Present Your Ideas as a Story
  • Powerless Language
  • Workshop: Building Friendships
  • Uncovering Your Ideal Audience
  • Writing Emails for a Sales Series
  • Create Surveys, Analyze Data, Make Changes
  • Working Hard, Giving Back, Not Giving Up
  • Brand Authenticity
  • Building Trust with Your Clients
  • Win Hearts through Emails: Nurture Building Trust through Email Sequence
  • Creating Content from Powerful Listening
  • The Power of Self-Talk both Positive & Negative
  • Self-Advocacy: Asking for More Every Time
  • Reach Your Audience by Shifting Perspectives

Get on the list to learn more about Creatives Ignite Summer Camp 2021. A Virtual Summer Camp for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Thank you for subscribing!

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