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December 2020 Workshop series

Early bird Tickets Available until Nov 11

*Or until tickets sell out. Space is limited


A transformative workshop series for your creative business during the first two weeks of December. In the three transformation modules, you learn to become more efficient & effective (productivity), to building growth mindset & find your place in our community (understanding your value), all while generating additional income streams.

Go from Unproductive, Alone, & Overwhelmed
to a Confident, efficient and Supported Entrepreneur
with multiple sources of income.


Watch your business mindset transform, making space for steady growth & lasting success.


Take ownership of your time and become more efficient that matter for agile growth.


Get the support you need, knowledge to expand your productivity, mindset, and income.


  • Strategists
  • Branding Specialists
  • Solopreneurs
  • Studio Managers
  • Small Business owners
  • Creative Directors
  • Freelancers
  • Web and Digital Solution Specialists
  • Designers
  • Illustrators

Are you tired of feeling lost in the Pandemic?
Get direction, find your value, within a supportive community

Live Workshop Schedule

Workshops are scheduled twice-a-day to reach all time zones.
You’re welcome to join both or pick one from each series.

Efficient & Effective

Learn how to build systems to maximize your productivity

Mini-Workshop #2

Wednesday, December 2
9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT

Thursday, December 3
4am AEDT

Mini-Workshop #2

Wednesday, December 2
6pm PT / 9pm ET

Thursday, December 3
2am GMT / 1pm AEDT

Building confidence
& Belonging

Build a growth mindset and create a community

Mini-Workshop #3

Saturday, December 5
 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT

Sunday, December 6
4am AEDT

Mini-Workshop #4

Saturday, December 5
6pm PT / 9pm ET

Sunday, December 6
2am GMT / 1pm AEDT

Diversifying Your
Income streams

Recognize the opportunities around you & build additional revenue

Mini-Workshop #5

Wednesday, December 9
 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT

Thursday, December 10
4am AEDT

Mini-Workshop #6

Wednesday, December 9
6pm PT / 9pm ET

Thursday, December 10
2am GMT / 1pm AEDT

Expanding Your Capacity Workshop

Master workshop where you implement everything you learned from previous workshops through exercises and collaboration.

Final 2-Hour Workshop

Saturday, December 12
 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT

Sundday, December 13
4am AEDT

Final 2-Hour Workshop

Saturday, December 12
6pm PT / 9pm ET

Sunday, December 13
2am GMT / 1pm AEDT

Topics include

  • The Power of Metacognition
  • A Better Way to Learn with Active Recall and Space Repetition
  • Build a System for Prioritizing Your Goals
  • Overcome Time Anxiety
  • Analog and Digital Resources for All Learners
  • Software and Hardware to Maximize Your Productivity
  • What’s a Growth Mindset
  • Identify Your Current Mindset
  • Understand Behavior Design
  • The Power of Tiny Habits
  • Develop Skills to Acquire a Brand New Confidence
  • How to Build a Community
  • Recognizing Opportunities for New Business Relationships
  • Be a Server, Be a Leader
  • The Evolution of Your Business
  • Expand Your Capacity through Your Ability to Pivot
  • Identify Business Opportunities Around Your Industry
  • How Collaboration Can Open New Doors
  • Learn How to Monetize the Things You Love by Using Affiliate Links
  • Passive Income Ideas

Junco Sparrow

2-Week Workshop Series
$ 150
  • Lifetime Access to 8 Pre-Recorded Videos
  • Mini-Workshops
    Twice-a-Week LIVE Zoom Calls
    Offered Twice-a-Day
  • Access to Slack Channel
  • LIVE 2-Hour Final Workshop
  • Digital Badge for Your Site & Socials

Snowy Owl

2-Week Workshop Series Experience
with Coaching Package
$ 250
  • Small Group Sizes
    for Breakout Sessions
    During LIVE Workshops
  • 1.5-hour Coaching Call
    with Kostas & diane (one-on-one) $250 value*
  • Plus All Junco Sparrow Benefits

Registration Closes in

Be the first to know about the next WORKSHOP SERIES 

Thank you!

Thanks to Our Amazing Sponsors

Are You ready to take your business
to the next level in 2021?

If so you’re in the right place. If you’re not sure, this workshop series will help you build a growth mindset about your business and your abilities.

Be the first to know about the next WORKSHOP SERIES 

Thank you!

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