Creatives Ignite 2020 Camp Sketchbook

This 6 inch x 9 inch sketchbook is made with a thick front cover and hard cardboard back. The inside is filled with 50 sheets of brown oatmeal paper by the French Paper Company in Niles Michigan. The blue cover is also French Paper (awesome company and I love love love their paper). It has an assortment of drawings on the front, inspiring you to draw and fill up these pages with your notes and sketches. Take it places, try different mediums, explore!

You might think why a sketchbook with brown paper on the inside? I believe that when you use different paper colors you are less intimidated to start drawing, taking notes, because it is not pristine white. I enjoy using sketchbooks where I will try different tools and I will take it places. I will explore with it more. You can use white pencils, watercolor, black pens, pencils, anything on here. I challenge you to use it up.

I have hand-assembled each book with a post hole screw. I think lefties will love it because the binding is on the left side. I was trying something new. Enjoy!!!!


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Creatives Ignite 2020 Camp Sketchbook