Challenging Your Way to a New You Workshop led by David Jon Walker

David Walker’s workshop will be on Friday, July 30 at (1pm ET / 10am PT / 6pm BST & 7am in Hawaii)

Each workshop lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

Have you ever sat in the audience of a design talk and wondered how that person ended up being invited to speak? Have you ever seen a project and wondered how the folks responsible for the project realized that opportunity? Did they plan to be recognized or did they luck into gaining a platform? This workshop will be a discussion about creating possibilities utilizing your own innate energy addressing insecurities and passions alike.
This workshop will challenge you to open up, be honest and to share about yourself, your work and the realities that you face. Your perspective of yourself will be examined to help you discover new processes and new opportunities for fresh experiences. We will discuss figuring out how alter the energy around you by planning some first steps towards building a new personal narrative. Walk through all of the steps that landed you in your current setting(s). It’s time to grow beyond yourself.
Are you living up to who you project to others? Are you faking it till you make it? What’re you accepting about yourself that you want/need to change? How loud is your inner dialogue about breaking through your personal barriers to success?
  1. Learning outcomes:
    1. Identification of insecurities
    2. Identification of interests
    3. Setting Personal Rules
    4. Self-Realization
    5. Processing of your process (observation)
  2. Who is this for?
    1. The Timid yet hopeful designer
    2. Those who are unsatisfied or underwhelmed with their current work and production or those that wonder about discovering the possibilities after facing insecurities head on.
    3. Anyone that wants to learn more about themselves, to begin enjoying their work again, OR ready to make a career change.


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Challenging Your Way to a New You Workshop led by David Jon Walker