Sean Ferguson // Illustrator Turned Strategist

Have you ever thought you knew your “thing” then it had to change because the industry shifted or the work dried up or changed?
Have you ever embraced change even though it meant reinventing yourself and how people identified you?
Have you ever put strategy before a passion?
Do you love branding and managing a brand?

Or listen here.

Episode 301. Aired June 12, 2019.

Can’t wait for this week with this guy!!! Sean Ferguson @inkstatic Often designers turn into illustrators and lots of illustrators embrace design but many don’t want to turn to the design side once they have gone full-illustration, but Sean is a man of business and opportunity but also a man who loves helping people. Sean did not stop at illustration or design, he is also a photographer and a strategist. This may seem like a big turn maybe but it has him happy and challenged. He has found a place where he is valued, stretched, and can make a difference.

I always love talking to Sean, talk about a JOY, that is him. He is easy to talk to, always makes you feel welcome and like an equal. I love that about him. He is humble and has some killer skills. SERIOUSLY KILLER SKILLS. But that is not all, he is also willing to grow, to stretch and not always do the same thing he has been known for. I love that about him, willing to reinvent himself all the time.

Isn’t that what we all want?

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