The Spin: Trust & Enjoy

Episode 343 Aired Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Do you remember spinning or being spun by an adult?
You know where they would take your hands and turn and you would fly, or feel like you were flying?

Did you ever worry that your dad or mom or baby sitter would let go?
Did you ever say no because you were worried about feeling like throwing up after?

More than likely you answered no to the last two questions.

As kids we jump in. We don’t worry. We don’t stop ourselves from succeeding before we even try. We don’t talk ourselves out of something we haven’t started because we are afraid of failure.

Instead we trust and enjoy the ride. That is the quick topic of tomorrow’s rapid recharge. I hope you will join me tomorrow as I announce where I have been being stretched, how anxiety has ridden along, and how I have to trust that God put this on my heart and I need to be obedient in pursuing it.

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