Walking Your Client Through the Process

That’s right, a “Rapid Recharge.” I am working on my rapidity. Promise.

I am thinking I will be quick. Is that possible? I know, right. Well I can always show up and try.

Do you like to push clients and get them to go further than they think they can go, because you see their gold? You see they are sitting on potential, and know-how, and expertise to better a world with.

That is how I see so many of my clients. Do you see yours that way?

This episode, I am going to share a little UX (User Experience) situation with you. Might be TMI (too much information) for some of you. I will describe a trip to the dentist and a trip to get an ultrasound on my kidney.

I hope it makes you think and laugh. I hope it makes you try to put what we do into perspective for our clients, from their perspective.

This week’s podcast is a Rapid Recharge. I am going to tell you about my vivid imagination and how I want people to talk me through scary situations. I am sure what we do for our clients seems scary for them. I can adjust my tactics for each person, based on what I am seeing. I walk clients (friends) through the process before it happens AND during it, telling them what I am about to do. Are you looking for signs, asking questions so you can put your clients at ease? Are you walking them through the process ever? Are you telling them what to expect as you are about to make the next move?

This is scary. It is a lot of money on the line building a business, building a brand. Let’s love more, let’s be gentle and kind but strong and lead them. By doing this we can build friendships and long term relationships.

This week’s podcast is about communication. Communication is more than words, it is actions. Let’s walk our clients through our process and take the fear of the unknown out of the equation.

To get the live link, sign up at http://bit.ly/dr-list. You’ll get an email then click the link and join us live.

 Or listen here:

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