Growing, Experimenting, & Loving Working InHouse with Alex Mera

Episode 345 Aired May 20, 2020

Do you think that all inHouse jobs are the same?
Does your job value your side project? Do they even know about your hobbies? Would they ever consider using them at work?
Do you get to work on a diverse team of incredible designers who believe in each other and see each others’ strengths and potential?

Our guest this week is Alex Mera. He gets to work on a team that pushes each other and builds each other up. Alex is stretched all the time at his inHouse job. He has worked at the same company for 12 years and is ALWAYS being challenged. Find out why Alex loves his job.

Alex talks about his journey at Zappos, from his humble beginnings (one of his superpowers) to his role now as a Senior Visual Designer.

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