Why Should I Use InDesign // Sparks with Rachel Nichols

Episode 1. Recorded April 2020.

Sparks is a weekly conversation with Rachel Nichols about anything we have seen during the week that has sparked a question or an idea in us and we want to hear the other person’s opinion.

When Should I Use InDesign?

This week I told her why InDesign is “the place” for combining type, photos, illustrations. Why it was built for this type of work.

I often see students or even professionals doing a lot of work in illustrator that is not illustration or logo based. I also see people doing layout in Photoshop. InDesign was meant to import images and vectors. It was made to have multiple pages. Just because you learned Illustrator or Photoshop doesn’t mean you are married to it and it is the best one to use. It means that you have not “dated” around enough. You have to spend time with each of them to know their strengths.

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