Mike Janda & Tom Ross // How to Collaborate

Episode 355. Aired August 26, 2020.

Can you imagine COVID without the internet?

WHOA that is like a horror movie. Let’s move on, can’t even think about that.

But you know why this all matters with what we are talking about this week?

It is because this week is about collaborating. I love collaborating but I have a lot of questions about finding the right project to collaborate on, and finding the right person to collaborate with.

Who better to ask then two fellas who did just that. Asked people to do a project with them.

Have you wanted to collaborate? Do you understand the advantages of collaboration?

What really is the difference in collaboration and delegation? Can you have one without the other?

I am excited to have my friends Mike Janda and Tom Ross on the show. We are going to be talking about collaboration. How do you find a good partner to collaborate with? Who makes a good partner? What are red flags to watch out for? What kinds of projects make great collaboration projects? Should you have an operating agreement for collaboration. I can’t wait to see you at this LIVE Design Recharge.

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Questions I am Asking:

  1. Both of you are believe in the power of collaboration. Tom when did you start your first collaborative project? Was it for money or fun?
  2. Mike same question. When did you start your first collaborative project? Was it for money or fun?
  3. Mike How many collaborative projects have you undertaken? Like Biz buds, your company Riser, or other side projects? Tom what about you?
  4. Tom why is collaborating more fun than working on your own? Mike?
  5. Mike, how do you know if someone will be a good partner? What characteristics do you look for? And additional traits you look for Tom or anything different?
  6. Tom, what have you learned for you is a red flag on a potential collaborator? Mike?
  7. Mike or Tom how do you end it if you have already started the project and it is no longer working out?
  8. Mike how have you asked someone to collaborate? How much do you have prepared and how much do you ideate together? Tom how did you ask Dustin, Lisa, and Ian to collaborate?
  9. Is it any different than starting a business with someone? How do you divi responsibilities? What are hard questions the collaborators should address before they begin the project? Or are there any?
  10. What is next for Biz Buds?

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