Kostas Kollias // Developing a Growth Mindset

This week we continue with Mental Health month on Design Recharge and we talk about something that is scary to a lot of people. It is a subject we often avoid or cringe at, but it is necessary for our business. That thing is sales.

Sales is really helping people. Telling them what you can offer them to make their lives and businesses better. There is no doubt this is hard. And Kostas will share one of the key ingredients to being able to help people is understanding what you bring to the table. All the knowledge and experience you are able to use to help them with their issue.

Many of us lack one other important ingredient… confidence. He also talks about how confidence can grow when we look at our skills, knowledge, and experience.

I hope you join us for episode 366 and week 2 of Mental Health Month in 2021.

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  1. Kostas, can you give everybody a little background about your start as a creative agency owner and when you started your two other businesses and why? What do you do in each business and who is your audience in each?

    Many people think of the new year as a new start and on Design Recharge we have spent the last few years during the month of January focusing on Mental Health. 
  2. COVID-19 hit the hospitality industry hard. As a result you pivoted and dove deep into learning. Did you know about having a growth mindset before you dove into your sabbatical of learning? 
  3. How did you stay positive? How did you stay focused? What role did your community play in your experimentation and refinement?
  4. As you started diving in, did you know you wanted to help people with sales and looking at their confidence blockers? Or was that something you discovered on the journey?
  5. Why are you so passionate about helping creatives? Why are creatives stuck? How can they get unstuck? How can sales heal?
  6. What do you love about helping people be able to understand their value and be able to communicate it to potential customers? 
  7. During your deep dive of learning and after many courses and books, you developed a method called the Forest Method. Why did you call it the Forest and what is it exactly?
  8. Is there a quote or something that you keep close to help you get through tough times? 
  9. What is next? 

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