Phyllis Dobbs // How Many Times Can I Reinvent Myself

Do you love designing and creating that you can never see yourself retiring?
Do you want to know the secret to being able to a long career of creative exploration?
After this episode you will be like me and want to be Phyllis.

Talk about motivating, my guest this week is Phyllis Dobbs. Nothing can stop this woman. She started licensing her art back in the 80s and has pivoted numerous times since then. She has rode trends, created new connections, and paved the way for women entrepreneurs, especially those in the creative fields.

Episode 370 on Wednesday, Feb 10, I am so excited to introduce my friend Phyllis Dobbs. She is originally from Mobile, Alabama (where I live now). Nothing stops this lady! And she has the most curious spirit! I want to be like her!

Design Recharge is all about hope and Phyllis embodies that. She doesn’t let anything stop her.

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  1. Phyllis, can you give everybody a little background about your career path? When you started your business? How long you’ve been in business and what you do now? And how many times have you changed what product or service you are offering?
  2. How many times if any have you changed industries?
  3. What is the biggest lesson you had to learn or skill you had to lean into and learn as you moved from making products to licensing products?
  4. You also run a successful in-person (when possible) conference. What made you start running that conference?
  5. You have been able to tackle challenges when they arise in your business while others have come across these hurdles and it stopped their progress. How do you tackle these things so you are able to KNOW you can do this stuff, especially when in the 80’s and 90’s you were trailblazing for women entrepreneurs?
  6. What have you taught yourself since the Pandemic?
  7. What is your attitude on learning and keeping up with technology? Have you always been tech savvy? Do you think of yourself as inspiring? To me because of the way you learn, the way you attack a challenge, the way you tackle technology and growth is EXTREMELY inspiring to me. I want to be like you Phyllis!!!
  8. How do you stay connected, grounded, and energized?
  9. How do you recharge? What inspires you?
  10. Is there a quote or something that you keep close to help you get through tough times?
  11. What is next?

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