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Episode 380 Aired Wednesday, May 12 2021

Do you struggle with staying positive?

Do you have people around you that encourage you?

How do you measure your impact?

This week I want to introduce you to my friend, Ashwin Chacko, an incredible illustrator and prolific author who teaches and motivates creatives by telling positive stories using Illustration & Design. He champions creativity through workshops, books, motivational talks, and his videos. I hope you’ll join us this Wednesday, May 12th at 7:30pm BST / 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT / 8:30am in Hawaii.

Ashwin is based out of Dublin and creates work that shines a light on how our differences make us stronger. His positive energy is infectious! 

Or listen here:

You can always join us for the live taping experience and be part of the community. Come a little early and introduce yourself in the chat, tell us where you are located in the world and say hey!  

We start at 7:30pm BST / 2:30pm EDT / 11:30am PDT / 8:30am in Hawaii on WEDNESDAYS.

Sign up for the Mindset Reboot Conference (May 24–28). This is a 4-day conference focused on reframing your mindset. If you are someone who struggles with mindset challenges, this is the conference that will help you get actionable steps and dive deep to find what is getting in the way. Let’s take on mindset together.

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The Questions

  1. Ashwin, can you give everybody a little background about your start in illustration and design and where your focus is now? How long have you been in business and what services do you provide? Who do you normally serve (audience)?
  2. What is your main tool or method you are using to impact the people you want to impact?
  3. How have you determined who your audience is?
  4. You have three different aspects of your business. How did you determine these? Was it planned out sections and you divide your time evenly? Or did they come about more organically?
  5. Do they all have the same focus, the same driving impact effect?
  6. What drives you? How have you remained so positive? When has life been hard?
  7. Why is spreading a message of Joy and Encouragement so important to you? When have you needed that message? And did you find it when you needed it most?
  8. How are you so productive? How do you remain consistent in your efforts to your audience and to getting more clients?
  9. How do you measure your impact? What ways do you measure impact with clients? How do you measure it in a workshop?
  10. How do you recharge? What inspires you?
  11. Is there a quote or something that you keep close to help you get through tough times?
  12. What is next?

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