The Process of Translating Strategy to Design with Anat Rodan

If you are a lonely only and regularly work with any kind of contractors and vendors to make your ideas become a reality. 

Anat Rodan has been translating strategy into design for over 25 years. She now is teaching other people how she did it and refined her process to what it is today. There are ideas and exercises she will be teaching us on the show tomorrow. 

I am excited to launch back after camp with one of our very own camp speakers. She is teaching on a different subject for Design Recharge and I am excited to hear her teach and to do the exercise she has planned for us.

Or listen here:

I hope you’ll join us this Wednesday, July 28th at 7:30pm BST / 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT / 8:30am in Hawaii.

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This week we kick off Design Recharge after camp. 

I hope you will join us for Episode 384 on Wednesday, July 28.

You can always join us for the live taping experience and be part of the community. Come a little early and introduce yourself in the chat, tell us where you are located in the world and say hey!  

We start at 7:30pm BST / 2:30pm EDT / 11:30am PDT / 8:30am in Hawaii on WEDNESDAYS.


  1. Anat, can you give everybody a little background about your start in design and where your career took you? How you lost your passion, then rediscovered it through Brand Strategy?

2. What do you do now? What does a typical day look like?

3. I know you worked with larger companies in the past, how has who you worked for changed?

4. You had a terrific career as a designer and came up with many processes for extracting the information you needed to get the outcome the client desired. How long did creating the processes take? Do you still use any of these processes today? Are you now teaching these?

5. Tell me how someone works with you now, what is that process like?

6. You are a solopreneur and hire contractors as needed but what are you working towards? What kinds of visioning work have you done to plan for the next stages in your business? (bat chair)

7. What is your motivation to build your business?

8. What was the driving factor in your career before? How has that changed now with what you are doing now?

9. Who is your ideal audience and what do you help them do?

10. Why do so many designers have trouble translating strategy to design? Do you see most people struggle with this in certain situations? Or is it across the board? Do we also struggle to explain what we are wanting from other designers on our team? Will these processes help us to be able to better communicate to the designers on our team better?

11. How do you recharge? What inspires you?

12. What is your greater purpose? How are you living that out today?

13. Favorite part of camp so far?

14. What is next?

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The Exercises from Anat’s lesson

Click the image below or HERE to download the pdf of the exercise

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