Fears & Self-Sabotage

Are you like me and have said to yourself, “what I am trying to do with my business is not going to work.” But I haven’t even tried it. 

Episode 392. Aired September 29, 2021.

Because I don’t believe in myself, I think it won’t work. I have self-sabotaged my illustrations, my client opportunities, business ventures, partnerships because I have had conversations in my head with these people. But not included them in the real conversations. My evil diane, rears her head and shows up in full regalia. (All decked out with all the reasons and miles of proof as to why it won’t work.) 

My energy to hold her back and keep poking holes in her theories are no match for her comebacks and proof. But really it is a ream of blank paper she is holding, because it is fear. 

She has the ability to shut me down so quick. Do you have an inner self-sabotager? 

This week I have invited Mario Quezada back on the show to discuss mindset blocks. And I wanted to invite you to send me your questions or even come on camera and share what you have been struggling with. 

Listen here:

This is a hot seat edition of design recharge. I have three spots open for the show tomorrow. Hit reply if you have something you want us to discuss or if you would like to come on camera and share so we can help you work through it.    

Mario is my friend and coach. He has been on the show before many times and talked about mindset blocks. I hope you will join us and hit reply if you want to share and have a hot seat session with Mario and I. 

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