Overcoming Fear with Faith in Action with Jodi Miller

Episode 391, Aired Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Jodi Miller has been on the show before and talked about her experiences as a textile designer and experience designer. Last time she was on she talked about a red carpet event she created to highlight regular people on the street. 

God has been using Jodi to love on others and felt called to change direction and start doing art full time. She has taken classes to build her skills and confidence. As she has made this pivot she also changed her body and her mindset. 

Jodi and I started meeting in January and talking about her goals and plans each week. She asked me to hold her accountable, we pray, and I serve as a mirror for her. She had made the plan to quit her part time job in 2022, but God had other plans. Jodi did not put up a fight rather she embraced the call and she put a new plan in action. 

If you feel you are being called out of one thing and into another this episode is perfect for you. It is super scary to do this but Jodi attacked it and when doors opened she ran through them. The mirror and reminders of who God clearly called her to be was my small role in her journey. I am as excited as Jodi is to see her working through weekly battles, some small and others really big.  

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The Questions

  1. Jodi, can you give everybody a little background about what you were doing last year for work and when you started painting and doing commissions and felt called to make that your career?
  2. You also changed your body during this time. Tell us about what your body felt like before you made this investment in your health?
  3. What kinds of lessons have you learned this year in regards to your mindset?
  4. What areas have you been challenged in? (color, space challenged, what to charge, ability to finish, iteration and not having one precious…)
  5. What have you done as a result of each of these? (Want to show us some before and after of the studio?)
  6. What are three things you and I have worked on together that have made the most impact in your ability to push through and take action?
  7. You changed direction and sped up the timeline. How did that happen and how did you know it was what you were supposed to do?
  8. What is your motivation to build this business?
  9. How have you been able to apply all your experiences from other different jobs to your commission work or your work day? Any examples of what you have done?
  10. You have embraced risks and leaned heavily on faith. But there are times when that is really hard. What have you done to remind yourself of your purpose and why this new path is right?
  11. How has changing your body, changed your work life and family life?
  12. What is your greater purpose? How are you living that out today?
  13. What is next?

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