Summer Art Party Begins 2024

This summer I decided to do something scary. I decided to not take on any new web projects until August/September. Here’s why.

I usually put myself last. I had an opportunity this summer to focus on art and making art. Learning and building collections. So I am doing it. I am scared but ready. Tomorrow Summer Art Party begins. I am excited to bring you along for the fun and fumbles.

I have been trying to work on building an illustration portfolio that includes art for licensing, art for sale, patterns and pattern collections for surface pattern design and licensing opportunities there too. And I have NOT made time to do it.

Something always comes up. I put my clients first. Which is how it should be. And it’s what makes me a good designer and able to run a successful business for over 20 years.

But it stops this summer. Because I am forcing myself to make, reflect, refine, share, and test to see what works. I will make connections along with art collections this summer.

My husband thinks I am playing. And it feels like it! But I am working. I am making, exploring, and taking things to new places. I am putting things out there in ways I have not before.

I am scared. But Fear will NOT stop me. I am hoping for 50 rejections from people, companies, whoever by September 15.

That means I need accountability from you. I need my feet held to the fire. I need you to ask me, where’s the Summer Art Party video this week diane? Where’s your progress diane? Where’s the art from this week diane?

I am committing to creating videos each week of my creations, my fumbles, my experiments, and my process. Then put them out on YouTube.

I will also be learning a LOT from others and I am excited to learn from each of them. Like in May I have been doing the Strathmore Artist Series and have loved it!

OK, Summer Art Party Begins May 29, 2024.

We had a bit of a last minute snafu with Dameon’s camera and had to post-pone that episode. I decided to take the opportunities God gives me and talk about Summer Art Party!

Which is really how I am spending my summer. I am super excited to share this video with you where we walk through some old work. (Which to me is a great place to start.)

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I go over people I will be studying from, rewatching, things I will be concentrating on, and commit to creating an art making recap each week. So here goes. Accountability and encouragement to the max. I am linking the Facebook Group HERE.

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Let’s go!

Transcript from Video

[00:00:00] diane: Hey, did you know that it’s the summer art party? You might be like, what the heck, summer our party. Well, in some, I made up just for me for the summer, but you can do it with me, which means that you can just do your own art all the time. And you can do it with me. You can share with me, tag me. I want to see, I want to be held accountable to making art. Every day. 

[00:00:27] And I really making art [00:00:30] patterns, the goal, my goal. 

[00:00:32] I’m sharing it with you right now. My goal is to have so much art mate. That’s not all going to be great. Like you’re going to throw some things away or I’m going to throw some things away. I’m going to have things in my sketchbook. I’m going to make. Art, I’m going to get frustrated. I’m going to get being that I’m terrible, but I’m also going to find things that I think are really cool. 

[00:00:55] And I’m going to watch lots of things on YouTube and lots of things [00:01:00] on Strathmore does the stuff. I love their little series each year. I’ll link it down below. I’ve already done some of that one for the month of may. They’ve had one every week. Um, it’s just so much fun, but it’s also really hard. The reason I’m telling you about summer, our party. Is because I need accountability. 

[00:01:19] I want, when you see me, you should be like, Hey, where’s your summer, our party stuff. And if I’m like, oh, I’m still working on Pippa. You can be like, no, you’re [00:01:30] not that site launched because. It’ll launch. 

[00:01:34] Anyway, it’s summer art party. I am filling up sketchbooks. I am making patterns. I am doing all the things that I want to do. But I never make time for. Is there anybody like that? Are you like that? 

[00:01:50] That’s how I am. I have a hard time making time. For me and making art. So. I’m telling you, so you hold me accountable. Feet [00:02:00] to the fire. So. I hope you enjoy summer art party. It begins. May 29th. That’s tomorrow. It begins tomorrow. And I can’t wait to show you all the messages. And all. Crazy things. I have been so inspired from this inspiration series that we’ve been working on, which will come back in August because I love it so much. People last week, Marius [00:02:30] was telling us about all the things that inspire him. 

[00:02:32] And then he shows his work and he sees how his stuff gets. You know, he’s inspired from these people doing these things, and then he starts trying something. Meena’s done it. Meaghan’s done that. I mean, so many people have done it and we’re going to continue that on in August. But June is really sketchbooks. 

[00:02:52] Talking about their sketchbooks and how their sketchbooks impact their work. So. I’ll be showing some sketchbooks till. [00:03:00] There is a summer art party playlist. On YouTube. And I hope you join me. I hope you. Watch me struggle and fumble and, um, hopefully soar and fly. And I hope you do it too. 

[00:03:18] I hope you just take some time, even if it’s 15 minutes a day. And you make some art party happened for you. All right. I’ll see you tomorrow with Dameon Williams as he ends the [00:03:30] series on inspiration. For the may month. The may, I don’t know for may is what I should have said. Anyway. Summer art party. I’ll see y’all there. And tomorrow on the show. The end.

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