Two Illustrators Locking Arms with Dameon Williams and Josh Lewis

Episode 397, Airs Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Illustrators usually have distinct styles and don’t often partner up for projects together. Well this week that is exactly what happened. Dameon Williams and Josh Lewis.

This team-up is different and these illustrators are unique. This duo is hoping to do more collaborations and stretch in the future. This collaboration started about a month before the 100 year memorial and both illustrators have a love for history which sparked this history-based side project. 

Learn more about how the executed, ideated, project managed, and illustrated all while they worked their regular jobs. We are nearing the end of 2021 and I am excited to interview Dameon and Josh about this project and hope there are more up their sleeves. 

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The Questions

  1. Dameon, can you give everybody a little background about your start in illustration and design?
  2. Josh, can you give everybody a little background about your start in illustration and design?
  3. (Dameon then Josh) Have you both done other collaborative projects before? How did those go?
  4. (Josh then Dameon) What was different about this collaboration? If never done one before this, what did you learn from this for next time?
  5. (Dameon then Josh) Have you both always been history buffs?
  6. (Josh then Dameon) What was the process of working on something so culturally sensitive and not having a lot of time to complete such a big and important story?
  7. (Dameon then Josh) How did you keep the voice of the piece consistent and true?
  8. (Josh then Dameon) How did you work through the research phase, knowing what to bring in and what to leave out of the project?
  9. (Dameon then Josh) How about choosing the style and color palettes? How about the workload and schedule?
  10. (Josh then Dameon) How often did you meet and what were crit sessions like?
  11. (Dameon then Josh) How did you manage working on your full time jobs, side projects, family, and this project?
  12. (Josh then Dameon) Is there a bigger mission or purpose to doing more projects like these? What are you trying to do with these projects, if anything?
  13. (Dameon then Josh) What is next?

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