Creating Experiences In House with Jason Johnson

Episode 395, Aired Wednesday, November 10th, 2021

Do you have some old beliefs about different parts of our vast industry?

Have these beliefs held you back from applying to positions at certain companies?

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Jason Johnson has been on the show before and talked about his agency experience and how he worked with AIGA in Arizona to help students with their portfolios. Now Jason has done something he never thought he would do… He went inHouse and is busting the myth that he once believed. Also he will be talking to us about what his new job is and what the company does. 

He once thought that working inHouse might be a lot of repetition but now Jason has lived it and has a different experience to share with us. 

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The Questions

  1. talked and where design has taken you since then and where you are now? You have been able to grow as a person and an entrepreneur at a fast rate. How have you done that? Is this just who you are or is it something that others can replicate in their own lives?
  2. As we make big life changes like a change in niche or focus, or going from agency to inHouse these decisions are not made lightly. How long did it take and what led to you making this decision?
  3. Why has this change been so much better than you could have imagined?
  4. What kind of custom projects have you been able to work on since going inHouse?
  5. In regards to your creativity, how has this environment challenged you? How has it fed you in ways you weren’t expecting?
  6. One of your projects was featured in and won awards in Communication Arts Magazine where you have been featured before. When you took an inHouse job was doing this high-level, custom work what you expected? Can you tell us about that project?
  7. How is designing environmental experiences similar to campaigns and how have you taken to this area of design?
  8. What things were you specifically looking for or were concerned about when you went inHouse? Did you ask about any of these things in the interview? Can you share some of these with us, so we can learn better what to ask?
  9. How has working with a bigger team made you a better designer and art director?
  10. What is next?

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