Taylor Ackerman // The Sketchbook as a Release

Episode 314. Aired September 18, 2019.

Do you have a passion project that you spend time outside of work pursuing?
Do you want to know how long you should give it to take off?
What kinds of things should you be doing to make sure you are putting your best foot forward for this project or dream?
Are you an aspiring children’s books illustrator and you want to learn more about getting in the business?

Want to see Taylor’s sketchbook, click here to view the pdf.

This week my friend and regular Design Recharge Family Member, Taylor Ackerman is going to tell us about her passion pursuit. She is going to share how and when she uses her sketchbook as a release exercise to unwind from her 9 to 5 design job.

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Follow Taylor

Website: www.studiolooong.com
Instagram: @studiolooong (instagram.com/studiolooong)
Twitter: @studiolooong (twitter.com/studiolooong)
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/teackerman

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