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I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I am sorry I have been so out of touch. I have been super swamped. I have a couple of big deadlines, and I got to go to the BEND design conference in Bend, Oregon. WAHOOOOOO

I made so many new friends! Aubree and Kara I sat next to during the keynote speeches. I got to meet Debbie Millman (huge highlight for me. She is super nice and such a super star.) I got to hang with my new friend Troy. And I met my new friend Marvin because he really liked the color orange. I met internet friends in person and had a grand ol’ time.

I was on a panel about Optimism, where we had an interesting conversation about optimism. I feel very loved and am super thankful for you. I know you are like, diane you don’t mean me. But I actually do mean you. You have given me such hope for the world and drive to find stories of hope to share and inspire you with.

This week is no different, well except that it will be on Saturday. My good friend Hebah, will be back on the show to talk to us about how she navigates Linked In to find jobs. I think it’s a platform that is so different and very powerful for our industry. It allows us to get aligned with our customers directly in ways that other social media platforms don’t.

Hebah has been able to find jobs across the country, sell herself, her work, and her personality through this social media channel. But also been able to vet out the job, the people, and make sure she is aligned with people who are similar to her, but also different enough to challenge her and keep her growing.

To get the live link, sign up at You’ll get an email then click the link and join us live.

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