Making a Children’s Book with Lydia Rueger

Victor looks similar to the other cars in his class, but under his hood is an engine that sounds like no one else’s:
His engine helps him do interesting things the other cars can’t, but the sound also gets him in a lot of trouble. Should Victor fix his engine? Or does the engine sound exactly the way it’s supposed to?

Or listen here:

This week is special. Today I am so excited to share I’ve finished my first children’s book and it’s on the shelves of Amazon. Coming soon to book stores near you. This book is special because it is about a car with ADHD.

This summer I was diagnosed with ADHD, something I had a hunch I’d had all my life.

My friend Lydia Rueger wrote the book. We used to work together in Colorado. We’re going to talk about the publishing industry today. How a writer can find an illustrator, and the process we took as we collaborated on this project.

We’ll dig into this and more today on the show.

Sorry for the late notice on this. We weren’t sure when the book would come out in December or February.

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