Launching Creative Side Projects with Jeremy Slagle & Beth Stafford

Episode 334 Aired Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

How important are side projects for your creativity?
How important are they to your client work?
Do they help you understand how to launch successfully for a client?
How do you find time to take on a large side project?
Do you give it priority over client projects?
Do you schedule time outside of your normal business hours to work on it?
Do you treat it like a client project and budget time for it in your day?

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I believe that having an active side project list is extremely important to growing and getting the types of projects that you want. We will find out how the second book launch is going during the project’s last few hours of it’s Kickstarter campaign.

Was this campaign different than the Chin Up Chinchilla campaign, if so how?

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