Will Hardaway // Being Observant + Willing to Pivot= Life ReDefined

Do you know if any of your customers, co-workers, or employees are self-silencing?
Do you have an anti-racism plan?
Do you want people in your company and your customers to feel dismissed?

If you aren’t sure about your answers then this week is going to be eye opening. My friend Will Hardaway has lived this. He grew up with different expectations of life. But after being exposed to another life, he wants to let more people know there is another way.

Life is hard no matter where you start, but some people have it harder. Will broke free of a life he did not know was possible to escape. Someone had to explain the opportunities to him. From this he has become an expert in helping companies have less prejudicial actions towards potential customers and helped the C-suite see how they can stop marginalizing their employees.

I am stoked to introduce my friend Will Hardaway on the show. I can’t wait to see you at this LIVE Design Recharge.

Join us LIVE for Episode 363 on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 at 2:30 pm ET / 11:30 am PT / 7:30 pm GMT

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Or listen here:

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Questions for Will

  1. Will we met a few years ago, but have gotten to know each other better in a master mind group we are in. You love design thinking and have an amazing story. Can you share a little of your background? How long you’ve been doing workshops and consulting in inclusive and diversity work and who is your target audience you typically work with?
  2. How was living a life with narrow expectations a terrific place to grow your creativity and perspective?
  3. When you started spending time and living in a different environment what two things did you do most?
  4. How did you determine that depth in perspective on a subject or culture means more than the broad perspective?
  5. Why can these skills of observing and listening (self-silencing) become unhealthy?
  6. Will tell us what this is called and where we might see it?
  7. We were in a meeting and you helped me see how looking at a touchy situation from a different perspective might help us understand teams we might work with and how we might be regarded so we can do things that will help them feel included and not dismissed.
  8. Why is the work you do important to consumers? To employees? To C-suite and to the business?
  9. How do you see this work being needed and used in retail and with high-end fashion?
  10. How do you recharge? What inspires you?
  11. Is there a quote or something that you keep close to help you get through tough times?
  12. What is next?

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