Celebrating 10 years with the Community

Episode 425 LIVE on Nov. 30, 2022

This week I am excited to open up the floor to the Creatives Ignite Community and celebrate this tenth year (again) with you. 

This has been a year of struggle and overcoming for a lot of us. It has been one of the hardest years for me personally. I needed a celebration and wanted to have an opportunity this year to introduce y’all to Ashleigh Barkley who has worked with me to produce the show for almost nine years. 

We will also talk to a few past guests and long time watchers. If you are interested in coming on tomorrow live and answering a few questions about your experience with the show, please leave a comment below.

Here are the questions:

1. Do you work alone as an entrepreneur or are you the sole creative in a larger company?

2. What is a memorable moment for you from the podcast?

3. Why do you regularly tune in?

4. How did you find the show? 

5. Have you learned something from an episode that you implemented?

6. How has this community played a role in your career or business?

7. What would you like to see next?

And if you can’t participate live but still want to answer these again leave a comment below or send me an email. I will be getting 2023 line up going over the next week. So I am listening and want to hear what you like and what you’d like to hear more on.

I hope you will join us live, Wednesday, NOV 30, 2022 at 2:30pm ET / 7:30pm GMT / 11:30am PT / 9:30am in Hawaii. To get the link for the live taping sign up here: https://creativesignite.com/signup

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[00:00:00] diane: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode. This is 4 25 of, um, creatives Ignite. Sorry. Uh, we wanted save sun recharge. I said that for so, so, so many uh, years. I wanted to have Ashleigh come on. Ashleigh has done, uh, all of the scheduling for me for years and years and years, and I had wanted to do this at some point.

[00:00:28] I said, anytime, Ashleigh, [00:00:30] in the summer, after the summer in whatever, but we only have one more episode. So I was like, could you maybe choose a week that you could do it ? And so she said, um, this one would be good. And so today is actually Mario’s birthday, so happy birthday, Mario. And so Mario has cited or has agreed to ask some questions to be the question asker and so he can ask, um, some approved, maybe some non-approved questions.

[00:00:57] For, um, me and Ashleigh, and then we’ll [00:01:00] bring up some other people. And if you wanna answer some questions, I have some general questions I’d love to ask just the community. So we’ll do this for a little bit just because Ashleigh’s played such an important role for me in keeping the podcast going. And so I just thank you Ashleigh, so much for all the work you’ve done.

[00:01:20] Ashleigh Barkley: Well, thank you Diane. Um, even an encourager needs some encouragement every now and then,

[00:01:26] diane: right? ? That’s right. For for sure. [00:01:30] Okay. Mario, you wanting to ask some questions? I’m gonna ask some questions. Uh, Ashleigh, it’s very nice to meet you finally. Nice to meet you too. Um, we’ve been emailing for a, a few years now.

[00:01:41] Mm-hmm. . Um, so first thing I’m gonna ask you is how long have you been working with Diane?

[00:01:53] Ashleigh Barkley: I have been working with Diane for 10 years. She was my professor before. Um, [00:02:00] I started working for her with d uh, design recharge. Um, she had kind of mentioned something about it, um, but then, um, it was right as I had graduated and I just said, well, what about this?

[00:02:13] You know, I, I kind of pursued her about it after she had casually mentioned it. So, and that was 10 years ago, I

[00:02:21] diane: guess 10 years ago. But Ashleigh has two degrees. You could ask her about that. . And do you wanna, do you [00:02:30] wanna ask the questions? Nope, go ahead. What are your two degrees in

[00:02:35] Ashleigh Barkley: Ashleigh? Um, I have a degree in journalism and from Auburn University where, um, Diane graduated from.

[00:02:44] And then I have a degree in photography and a degree in graphic design from. University of South Alabama where Diane teaches.

[00:02:53] diane: Oh, right on. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll say it. So that war so that Diane doesn’t say it. So I’ll just [00:03:00] say War Eagle. And there you go. . Cause I know Diane’s gonna say it at some point. War Eagle.

[00:03:04] Um, you guys are very, very, Hey, look, I my beaver shirt there, it’s got me this shirt. So I was like, oh, I’m gonna wear it for his birthday. And then I’m like, oh, cold . Anyway, keep going. So Ashleigh, um, I know that you’re irreplaceable. Diane has mentioned it many times to me. Um, so what is it that you [00:03:30] do for Diane that helps her do what she.

[00:03:36] Ashleigh Barkley: So Diane says that all the time, and I don’t believe it’s true. And what I tell her is, I believe I could train my dog to do this job. Um, and my dog would probably do a better job than I do. Um, but I think what Diane values is the, and this is what she always values, like across the board with people, is the relationship that we have, that, um, like we can talk [00:04:00] together, pray together, that she can trust me.

[00:04:02] I think that’s more what she values. I, um, I contact guests, get them scheduled for the show and for test rhymes. Um, make sure they have some, um, information that they need ahead of time. And that’s it. So really anybody could do it. ,

[00:04:23] I

[00:04:24] Mario Quezada: think if you could train your dog to do it mm-hmm. , then you should, cuz that would be a totally different career path and you’d make [00:04:30] billions of dollars.

[00:04:31] Um, alright. Diane, what makes Ashleigh so irreplaceable? So she does do, she does pray with me or encourages me when I’m like, oh my gosh, I don’t think I could keep going. But she, she thinks it’s super easy, but I’ve had other people do the job she has before she did it and they did not do it. As well. So it may be really easy for Ashleigh Ashleigh to be like, let’s get the next six months [00:05:00] done.

[00:05:00] diane: And, and she does it. She’ll do it like in a weekend in the, like as she’s picking up the girls, she’ll like, do it on her phone. Boom, everybody’s done. And she can schedule it out. And it’s terrific. And I think that that is just, it helps keep me on schedule. And, and I’ve been such a terrible, uh, at some point in I’m like, I don’t know.

[00:05:23] I don’t know what’s next. And she’s just really the calm when I’m stormy, she is like the [00:05:30] calm, and she just remem she reminds me of, she’ll ask the hard questions. She’s like, well, what does it do? What do you do? You get out of, do you get something outta it, Diane? And I’m like, I do, I still get something out of it.

[00:05:44] Sorry, I’m like focusing problems. Um, I mean, this time it’s really my camera and not my brain. Um, although I didn’t take my medicine. Um, but anyway, um, it’s in my hand with my other , um, things that I needed to take, [00:06:00] um, at lunch. But anyway, she’s just, she’s kind of a joy, but she’s also very realistic and she, she’s, she’s just, uh, you know what you want friends who will tell you, yeah, you can get that done, or like, no, there is no way you’re gonna get that done.

[00:06:22] You know, not like being mean, but just being realistic. And, and Ashleigh is great at encouraging, but she’s also. [00:06:30] Realistic. And she’s like, really? You think you can, you can do that? I, I think that might be too much. Or she comes to Creative South and I’m not every year cuz she has to do it on, she has a weird schedule cuz her husband works in the, he flies a helicopter in oil fields or whatever.

[00:06:48] And so he’s a week on, a week off. Right, Ashleigh? Mm-hmm. . And so she has to do it when she can only come when Drew’s at home, not when Drew’s flying. Her kids are not old enough to [00:07:00] stay by themselves and . So anyway, so then it, um, so she comes and she always helps me a ton at Creative South as well. And she’s just a huge encourager.

[00:07:12] But there are other people that are encourager, but she really is smart and she’s funny and I don’t know, she’s just the best. I couldn’t have done it this long without her for sure. Just say thank you.

[00:07:27] Ashleigh Barkley: Thank you

[00:07:29] Mario Quezada: Ashleigh, [00:07:30] if you ever want to just turn the tables, just start complimenting Diane and she’ll just start shrinking

[00:07:37] Ashleigh Barkley: back down too. Oh, I have, well, I have a whole list of

[00:07:40] Mario Quezada: compliments. Oh, there you go. So we’ll, we’ll, we’ll do that. Cringes and a few, yeah. Um, okay, so, uh, you guys have been, been doing this for a decade, which is crazy to me.

[00:07:52] It’s, it’s awesome that you guys have been doing a podcast for, for 10 years. Um, what are some of your highlights, [00:08:00] Ashleigh, uh, over the years? Give me, just gimme three highlights for you over the years, um, of the show or, or even just working with

[00:08:09] Ashleigh Barkley: Diane. Well, um, like when I think back to maybe guests that have really stuck with me, is that kind of what you mean by Sure.

[00:08:17] Yeah. Yeah. Um, well, um, I like the mix, like I feel. That Diane has kind of an eclectic mix of guests, and so that’s one of the things I [00:08:30] love. Um, one was, um, Amarilla Henderson. She is a watercolor artist. And, um, I had never been introduced to her work. I have one

[00:08:39] diane: right there. Yeah. And I have that one, that

[00:08:42] Ashleigh Barkley: one.

[00:08:42] Um, and so like I still, I was introduced to her and now I’m like a devoted follower of her. Um, uh, one of the groups of guests that was like an aha moment for me, um, was Jen and Amy Hood. Um, and [00:09:00] it wasn’t, it was just like them sharing their workflow and how they kind of used things that made their business side really efficient and, um, Then, um, oh, Joey Ellis and Leaky Timbers.

[00:09:16] Um, and that’s something that I could share with my kids. So he has, um, Muppets that he, um, does cartoons with, and it, the sense of humor is just like off the charts. [00:09:30] And my kids were crying, laughing after, um, watching his videos. So, but I mean, there’s so, there’s so many. Um, and I liked, you know, not just like hearing about an artist’s, uh, way that they work or them sharing process kind of tips and hints and tricks, but then also business related stuff and then, um, uh, kind of mental health even, you [00:10:00] know?

[00:10:00] And I feel like that’s a really broad range of topics, but, um, they’re really relevant, you know? Um, and I, I’m not necessarily in the strongly in the design community, but it all still works well. Has that,

[00:10:17] diane: yeah. Yeah. Okay. Diane, I know you’ve had many, many, many moments, and if I let you, you’d probably have a moment for each show, um, because that’s who you are.

[00:10:26] Uh, but what have been some of your, your favorite [00:10:30] milestones of the show over the. Well, I think in the beginning, , well, I thought about a few that were just funny and I’m just gonna, one, I know I’ve shared this before with Ashleigh at five years or at, right at five years. I remember where I was when I was talking to Ashleigh on the phone and I was walking around this little park near my house and I was like, I don’t know, should I keep going?

[00:10:53] And she’s, and she like that hard answer, like, well, you know, does it still do something for you? And, [00:11:00] and I can see growth for me, I can see how I’ve learned from people and then I’ve implemented things in my design work, in my process, in my mindset. And so in business skills, things like that. So that’s been good.

[00:11:14] But um, I remember one, I used to have my mic. Like this , , this is wrong. People. It’s supposed to be like this. See, it sounds better like this than it [00:11:30] does like this. And that was a milestone. I was like, oh, I have no how to use my mic now. So now I have a stock of books that I s I have my mic on and I know how to use my mic.

[00:11:41] That was a milestone for many, many years. I was using it incorrectly. . What? So let, let’s, let’s talk about your, like, I know that was milestones for, for you, like doing the show, but like, um, Ashleigh had some specific guests, like, gimme your top three guests that you’ve, you’ve [00:12:00] had, and I know it’s like hard to choose from your children, but please just, just Mario.

[00:12:04] Mario and Mario. How about that? I mean, besides the obvious choice, someone else I know besides the less, yeah, the lesser, the lesser favorites, please. Um, You know, I loved, I know Amy’s here. I loved Ha being able, Amy Lyons has been the longest she’s gonna come on at the end. She’s, uh, I have a list of our, uh, the way people are gonna pop in.

[00:12:27] And Amy just being able, [00:12:30] I love, I mean, everybody, there’s so many people that I’ve had, and I do love all those people, but I’ve learned different things at different times. So, um, but Amy being able to give her a stage to share her stuff, and she has changed, she has grown her illustration style, just, um, I guess for me, being able to see somebody through and go through, you know, like see how [00:13:00] she’s grown and, um, see how I’ve grown.

[00:13:03] Right. But, but just being able and then giving her a stage to be able to show that I think is really cool. So, so Amy is, I don’t wanna pick anymore. Amy’s the only guest. So, Amy, congratulations. Everybody else. No, I mean, there’s so many I couldn’t, of course. Like I, um, I, I know, I know. I’m just kidding. It’s just really difficult to, okay.

[00:13:26] Let me ask it. Let me ask you a different way. Let me ask a different way. Okay. What were some of, [00:13:30] what, what we’re, give me two of your most surprising guests in, in any way. How about the ones that I was the most afraid of? Sure. We can do that too. Okay. Robin Landa, I was really afraid of, but she’s awesome.

[00:13:42] She’s the sweetest, nicest lady. Anybody Why, why were you, why were you afraid of her? Because she’s written so many books and I am not that smart maybe. And I was just really intimidated by, by her. But she’s, she puts her pants on, like, I do, you know, one leg at a time. [00:14:00] And, um, . Um, another was Todd Henry, I guess.

[00:14:05] Cuz these were writers. I was like, oh my gosh. I mean, I have a ton of Robin Landa books. Um, and, uh, I think with Todd Henry, I was just, I was expecting, I don’t know, something else. And he was great. He, that was a early on. He was the acci, he is the accidental creative, that podcast, or, and he is written that book and I don’t know why my hair’s so [00:14:30] funny.

[00:14:30] So, so sorry. Well, it wouldn’t be a show if your hair wasn’t, wasn’t I know it. Well, it was. I had it in a, anyway, , whatever the end. Move on from my hair. Let’s move on from there. Um, okay, so Design, recharge, original title, uh, creative Ignite, current title. We may, we may have another title by the end of this show.

[00:14:52] No, no, no. . Um, so. I’m gonna, I’m gonna first ask Ashleigh, [00:15:00] what, what has, um, and you, you kind of alluded to it a little bit, but what’s, what has being a part of the podcast and listening and, and just being, being in, in the mix of it, um, done for your creativity. You said you’re not really in the design community, but you are a creative.

[00:15:16] So what, what, what has it done for you in, in your creativity in, in your career?

[00:15:23] Ashleigh Barkley: It kind of broadened my horizons. I feel like, especially where Diane and I live, we live in a [00:15:30] smaller area and so our exposure to um, a lot of things is kind of almost like being in an echo chamber and you’re seeing, uh, or exposed to a lot of the same things, but then when your horizons are then stretched across the world, and you know, at the very least the.

[00:15:52] Design community of the whole United States, then, um, I’m being exposed to like different ways of doing things, different looks, different [00:16:00] ideas. Um, drew and I think his name is Pxa, um, oh yeah, it’s from the Pacific Northwest. Mm-hmm. . And, um, his style is like so funky and, um, like chunky is, I don’t really know how to fun, funky and chunky.

[00:16:19] Yes, it’s funky and chunky, but I love it. And, um, he does videos that I use every single Sunday at church in my children’s, um, Sunday school. So [00:16:30] that’s cool. He illustrates for Saddleback kids for their little shorts and I would’ve never known anything about that, um, if I hadn’t been on design, recharge, um, and been exposed to, you know, just something different.

[00:16:43] diane: I think that’s a good one. He was, he was great. I met him at Creative South. Mm-hmm. . So, Diane, what, let me, let me, I’m gonna ask you the same question and, and then we’ll just, we’ll start transitioning to your, your audience and having people come up. Um, [00:17:00] what, what has it done for, for your creativity? And I think, uh, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll preface this to say, you know, obviously you are wildly inspired by everything because of your A D H D.

[00:17:13] Um, so, uh, over the years, what, what do you think ha it has done for, for your creativity? I know it’s done a ton for your contact list and your friends list. Oh, yeah. But like, um, , but I have like, I use Maddox [00:17:30] Schuler’s font and I, um, Like Colt, I’ve used a bunch. And then I’ve used Jason Kane’s fonts and I’ve used Dustin’s brushes to make, uh, Victor in the room.

[00:17:43] And so I feel like it’s this, it’s like a quilt, you know? It’s all these different, um, memories and how they’re pieced together. I, um, draw better robots because of people. Um, and I [00:18:00] just feel like it is pretty varied. I think Ashleigh’s right on the mark there, but like, doc made that poster, the Hopscotch Festival.

[00:18:09] He’s gonna come on the next one. This is a new one. If you guys noticed. I cleaned a little bit, but this is Wills, uh, star Wars one. It’s really cool. I wanted to hang it. This is Kendrick Kid. Uh, did that one. And then Scotty Russell and, uh, Jason Craig did this one. That one’s Amarillo. You know, [00:18:30] it’s just like I get to.

[00:18:32] I don’t know. Uh, I get, oh, ga I don’t know. You know, I thought it was Star Wars, whatever doc I am Gala gal. I don’t even know how to say that. Galactic? Galactic. You say that? Galactic. Yeah. Anyway, um, yeah, I don’t know. I’m. Uh, that is Will’s like, you don’t have to buy that Diane. And I’m like, no, I’d like to buy things that are neat.

[00:18:56] And he’s like, yeah, but it’s not really your style. But I said, but I’ll hang it up on my [00:19:00] wall at school. And then I like hanging up things that are not, you know, things that I could do or would do. Um, and he’s like, okay, , I love how will tries to not sell me the things that I’m trying to buy. Um, it’s from him great sales technique,

[00:19:18] Um, but like Will and Brian White have done prayer for designers and um, I’ve been missing that one a bunch cuz I go to bed too early. Um, but it’s, you know, there’s just so many [00:19:30] people that I’ve met, I guess. And it’s the people who come every week. So Amy and I know when Paul’s late, cuz he’s eaten his lunch, he’s on here twice, you know, and so it’s always nice and a Adrian’s here all the way from, uh, Ireland today.

[00:19:44] And, you know, it’s just, it’s just fun to. Like, I’ve never met Chris Daniel, but I would love to. If you wanna come up Chris later, I’d love to pop you up. Um, it’s, I just, I do like meeting lots of people, but I do [00:20:00] feel like, I hope people feel like I’m just somebody they can call or talk to and ask a question.

[00:20:07] And I’m not scary. Hopefully. Like sometimes Mario looks a little scary, but he’s not scary. I guess it’s my thing though. It’s my thing. . Yeah. It’s not my thing. Ashleigh can be scary too though. Whoo. I’ve seen her yell at her kids. Woo. Ashleigh [00:20:30] don’t, don’t be airing out. Ashleigh’s dirty laundry. That’s not nice.

[00:20:32] Right. . I think she would tell you that ,

[00:20:37] Ashleigh Barkley: like Diane said, things haven’t always been easy or I think like sometimes there have been walls or. Kind of hoops that she’s had to jump through and the hoops have been on fire. And, um, she, um, mentioned a word to me one time and it’s grit and I feel like it applies to her as well.

[00:20:57] Like, um, I think a [00:21:00] lot of people would’ve gotten to some of those roadblocks and been like, you know what, um, I’m doing this for free and so I think I’m just gonna step. Um, and in instead, she kind of just pushed harder at that point. And I really do feel like she is an encourager and she taught us as students about superpowers and that’s for sure.

[00:21:25] And I think she knows that that’s like one of her super powers that she’s channeled into [00:21:30] this community. And, um, she talks about like kind of in her mission statement about inspiration and interaction. And what I see there is like connection. Like that’s something that’s super important to her. And so she built.

[00:21:46] A community where other people could have that. I feel like, um, like in the moment that we’re living in thing, people are really disconnected and she’s been able to connect a community [00:22:00] throughout the world, um, you know, ju for free. Like, she just, like, this is a mission. This is, uh, she had a purpose and she stepped out there and kind of fulfilled her purpose even when it was hard.

[00:22:14] Um, so that’s the thing that, um, I’m so proud of you for, for 10 years of like standing in your purpose, even when, um, it wasn’t easy. Well,

[00:22:27] diane: thank you. You’re welcome. I couldn’t have [00:22:30] kept going though if you hadn’t helped me. . I wanted to ask everybody, so when you come up, I’m gonna bring you up. I have, um, a couple questions.

[00:22:41] So I want you to tell who you are, what you do, where you live, and then just for my knowledge, I wanna know when you started listening or watching. I know Paul and I have had this question. I didn’t know anybody didn’t, I didn’t really know anybody watched or listened. That wasn’t live. I always feel like anyway.

[00:22:59] Um, [00:23:00] and that was another milestone. I remember the whole episode or half of an episode I did. I was like, my mom didn’t even show up. Oh my gosh. And I’m like, I guess, and I had, I know I had forgotten to hit not record, I had forgotten to hit out of Tek mode or whatever it’s called. I can’t even. I was like, oh my gosh.

[00:23:21] And Amy and a bunch of other people had waited for 30 minutes for me to like, I dunno what’s with her, but okay, she’s gonna wait. She, I mean, Amy’s not like sitting there like [00:23:30] this. She’s doing her work, you know, thank goodness Amy’s my, Amy’s my friend. Um, and then all of a sudden, 30 minutes later, I start talking.

[00:23:37] But I had already done the whole thing that I was gonna do by myself anyway. Uh, that was a funny milestone. Okay, so here’s the questions, and if you need these questions, they’re also on the show link today, which I’ll put up there. Um, but it’s, do you work alone as an entrepreneur or are you a sole creative in a larger company?

[00:23:57] And then a memorable moment for you. [00:24:00] You don’t have to answer all these, but you can answer some. Um, why do you regularly tune in? How did you find the show? Have you learned something from an episode that you implemented? And then how has this community played a role in your career business? And then what would you like to see next?

[00:24:17] You could answer one of those or all of ’em or whatever, but we’re gonna pull up Van. I think it’s Van. Van. There’s Ashleigh. Ashleigh Van. You already know Mario, so, hello. [00:24:30] Okay, so tell who you are, where you are, what you do, and then. I’ll ask, you can answer another one of the questions. Okay. Go. I am located in Portland, Oregon, uh, in the upper northwest corner of the United States.

[00:24:47] And, um, I’m an identity coach and a community facilitator. Um, I think that’s what you needed. Uh, there are a few things that I, that have already been sort of stated [00:25:00] and shared in terms of like, um, those questions, but I mostly wanna say that, um, yeah, I really love learning about creative, like the way that creative spirited people, um, Think and how they work and how they live.

[00:25:21] And you have such an amazing range of guests on the show. And so there’s just a lot of variety and, um, [00:25:30] so there’s no shortage of learnings and inspirations and, and I just love the way that you, um, are able to put people at ease and, um, also make space for what I have a soft spot for, which is, um, everyday heroes.

[00:25:46] You know, people who, um, you know, have, are doing like beautiful and wonderful things in the world, but they don’t have a platform for spreading their message. Um, and so, yeah. Um, [00:26:00] I think those were the questions that I wanted to answer for you, . Oh, that’s good. Well, thanks fan. Yeah. I appreciate it. And you’ve been, pardon?

[00:26:12] I said you’re welcome. Okay. Well, I appreciate you coming so many and to so many and to being on and for sharing your goodness, and I appreciate you. I mean, I, I was one of those people who didn’t, had never spoken before, um, in a, [00:26:30] on a public platform. And so you gave me my very first opportunity. What, what, two years ago?

[00:26:35] Um, during a snowstorm? No less so . And it was the first time that I ever got to, um, be able to share this new thing that I was doing, which was coaching, um, having moved away from doing design and, um, brand strategy for a while. So, um, I’ll, you know, I really greatly appreciate your friendship and, um, and just wanna, [00:27:00] yeah, keep hearing you or like you doing, like watching you do what you do, um, because it is very much needed.

[00:27:08] Thanks, man. Love you. Love you. Okay. Oh, you look very mean today. Are you in a bad mood? ? There you go. There’s the smile I was hoping for, but you’re muted. Is today your first day on Zoom? I’m just kidding. Yes. . Yes. No, that’s, that’s the, the, the wrestling with [00:27:30] technology phase. Uh, it looks like I’m angry with small children, but it’s mostly just myself,

[00:27:37] Oh, well, that’s okay. Um, okay. So tell ’em who you are, what you do, where you live. Uh, my name’s Doc Reed. Uh, I am a senior product designer living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Uh, the, the, the product design is what the day job is with insurance and things of that nature. But, uh, illustration and, and design, uh, [00:28:00] poster making, image making, photography, like those are all the things that, that I do when, uh, I punch out of work.

[00:28:08] So, and you draw really good. He this poster. Thank you. You could see, yeah. I mean you have lots of other drawings as well. You’re amazing with people. Okay. So, um, but you work from home now? Yep. Remotely? Yep. Uh, work remote [00:28:30] here in, uh, downtown or south. Charlotte and Matthews from my frog. Uh, over the garage.

[00:28:39] Frog front room. Front room over garage is what? That’s oh acronym for. Uh, I learned that as a designer working on floor plans for construction company in one of my first in-house, uh, design experiences. I was like, what is this? What is this frog room? I was like, oh, it’s a front room over garage. Well, that’s [00:29:00] fancy.

[00:29:00] You got a garage? I came to work with a stick on my, on my car today and my, one of my students was like, I pulled a limb off of your car today. And I was like, I didn’t see it. You know, it was dark when I got here and I don’t see that high, I guess, you know, so whatever. He’s like, I pulled a big limb off your car and we had tornadoes this morning.

[00:29:20] I mean, I didn’t have a tornado. Me and Ashleigh are safe. Okay, doc. Um, you’ve watched for a long time. Sorry about the fur fuzziness. Um, do you remember when you [00:29:30] started watching? Uh, I was trying to remember, uh, looking over the questions and I want to, I wanna say it’s been at least six years. Um, uh, I, I know, well, let me say.

[00:29:48] Yeah, it’s been at least six years cuz I moved to Charlotte in six years and that was one of the, the first times I, I was able to share here. So, um, I, Lenny Transi tends to be like an entry point [00:30:00] for a lot of communities and I, I want to say, like you may have been interviewing him, and I was like, I’ll check out this interview, see what Lenny’s rambling about today.

[00:30:10] And, uh, sort of, it may have been an introduction. I know that was how, uh, it, it worked for some other communities, but I know I met you at Creative South and just immediately felt like I had, uh, a big sister and, uh, immediate friend. And so that, that was, that was definitely like, oh, [00:30:30] this is awesome community that, you know.

[00:30:33] So, um, but yeah, I don’t have a, a pin. Unfortunately, so that’s okay. Um, do you have, cuz you’ve watched a lot, you, you show up like Amy does. I kind of know when you’re on vacation. Um, what, do you have a, a memorable moment, man? Um, a lot of times I don’t have like a, a standout other than just sort of the, the community aspect [00:31:00] of what you’ve built and, and things of that nature.

[00:31:03] Just being able to bring people and stories, uh, that resonate with different aspects and different parts of my life. And I’ve, I’ve heard that repeatedly from people, you know, in passing and talking about things where, um, It’s sort of like Sunday morning sermons where you’re just sort of like, I don’t know if that sermon was for anybody else, but it was like a hundred percent for me.

[00:31:26] Like there’s, there’s things that happen when, when guests will [00:31:30] come on and it’s kind of like, oh, that was for me. Um, and uh, it, it seems like that happens quite a bit when, when I’ve been talking with people and there’ll be certain things that, uh, like Mario’s just sort of nailed me to the wall. I’m like, yeah, I really, I need, I need to be better about does that to me too.

[00:31:51] And it’s good. And we need people like that, uh, in our lives. Uh, even if we’re scared of. Scared of, of them and the, the accountability. [00:32:00] Um, but, um, like, but you’ve met with Mario after, be one on one. Yes. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s not like you’re that scared of Mario. No, he’s a he is a teddy bear, but he’s, he’s, he’s a grizzly ted teddy bear.

[00:32:12] Like this, this is taking a turn for, for the better, I think. And it’s happy birthday, Mario. Yeah. Uh, but, uh, yeah, I, that that sort of like, what, what Ashleigh was saying, just like the, the people that you’ve been able to [00:32:30] champion and share your platform has been exhilarating for me as like an example of like trying to share more stories of people in like the Charlotte community.

[00:32:44] You have been a huge influence on like trying to find local talent in the Charlotte area to champion and sh to share like a IGAs. Platform with, and it it, you know, as opposed to, Hey, we’re just gonna do the, everybody that’s doing the [00:33:00] design talk circuits, like, let’s just pull them in and they’ll give the same talk that they’ve given to, you know, every, you know, other, you know, speaking engagement.

[00:33:11] It’s, it’s nice to be able to look local and find people that are making a difference or that you see as, you know, maybe, you know, head and shoulder above, you know, the, the rest of the community to encourage them, to give them a boost of confidence to, and, [00:33:30] and let them spread their wings on a smaller stage and build up some of that confidence to be able, like, okay, I, maybe I do have something to say that I had discounted in my own.

[00:33:42] And, um, so that, that has been sort of a goal that you indirectly have been responsible for, for planting in, in my, my life and my role and involvement in the, the North Carolina community. So, well, John Engels has a question and [00:34:00] I’m happy. What, um, oh, hey Hannah. Um, can you tell John Engels what kind of camera you have?

[00:34:07] Me? Yeah. Oh, uh, and he didn’t comment on me and Ashleigh’s me and Ashleigh’s clearly suck. So, um, if you want to suck, like me and Ashleigh, I don’t know what Ashleigh’s is, but mine is a Logitech, um, HD 10 80 and Mario’s is a Fuji X t4. Okays. Okay. Mine’s a, a Sony, [00:34:30] uh, alpha seven Alpha Romeo. I’m just kidding. The best they, if you wanna look like Doc and I, you have to.

[00:34:40] Way overspend on your camera. A hundred percent. Yeah. This is, this is the, the shooter that like, when I go out on shoots, I will, uh, pull this off the tripod and actually use it as a camera, not just a web myself as this is my, my digital, uh, three piece interview suit, uh, as has somebody [00:35:00] described it. Uh, but, uh, yeah, so, well, me and Ashleigh are just rolling on the low key.

[00:35:06] I think mine was 60 bucks, maybe, you know, our 40 before Covid. It like went up to like 8 85 90 during Covid, but okay. Maybe we’ll get Diane in a proper camera and yeah, maybe, um, I, I’m on a 2013 computer today here people, so I’m just happy it started. I guess it’ll be time to upgrade. Luckily I don’t have to pay for [00:35:30] that one.

[00:35:30] Okay. Well, doc, you got any, you wanna see you got anything? You, um, what, what you wanna see next? Oh man, that’s a, when I was reading that question, that was one thing that I have never really been good about, like forecasting or dreaming about possibilities. Yeah. But is there anybody that you’d like to see or you like, oh, it’s interviews and conversations.

[00:35:53] Um, I, I’ve, you’ve, you do pretty good about this, but I’m, would love to see more of [00:36:00] the, like, where are they now? Is like, I interviewed somebody like 10 years ago, like, oh, you know, some of the things that have happened and, you know, sort of like what van, like that pivot that, that she went through into the, the consulting side of things.

[00:36:14] Like maybe doing a follow up, you know, five, six years later and be like, Hey, how are things going? Like one of everybody loves that idea. , I like that. I wrote it down, Ashleigh. We’re doing that one. That’ll be a series. Where are they now [00:36:30] sweeping at McDonald’s now. I’m just kidding. Keep going. I was gonna say Jason Craig would be a good one to, to hit with that.

[00:36:36] Cuz he made a comment at Creative South a couple years ago about like, yeah, I had, like, this was the goal that I was trying to hit financially for the year I hit it. And I unplugged everything. I took vacation for the rest of the year and he’s but then he started working on cruise ships and stuff. It was cryp.

[00:36:54] Well

[00:36:54] Ashleigh Barkley: he was

[00:36:55] diane: he, he was like, yeah, that was the dumbest thing I have ever done or said or suggested type of a [00:37:00] thing. So like those little like pieces I think make for amazing stories because there’s a lot to gleam from several different aspects of, you know, mindset to execution, to, you know, what would you do differently?

[00:37:14] Would you completely overhaul it or you know, things of that nature. So, but yeah. Okay. Where are they now? Okay. Awesome. And I am super thankful that you’re my friend and. Thanks for being here. Absolutely. Thank you for doing this. [00:37:30] And Ashleigh, thank you so much for being an invisible backbone, uh, of the, the operation.

[00:37:35] So it’s good to put a face with a name. You might have seen her at a creative south, but she is low key. I am, yes. Yeah, I, if I did, I didn’t connect the you were the, uh, creative Ignite. Ashleigh. Ashleigh, yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:37:50] Ashleigh Barkley: I stood out at creatives Ignite like a sore thumb. I mean, at a creative south I was the only one in color.

[00:37:57] I was like, oh, I didn’t know everybody else is in there, but [00:38:00] Oh, where my black, black ?

[00:38:02] diane: Yes. I didn’t think everybody was in black, was it? That’s a typical, yeah. I mean, here, I’ll put my hat on. So there’s the, the hat and the beard. I know you got it. And, and the flannel. . Yeah. It’s just one more step. Go bald buddy.

[00:38:15] That’s all, that’s the other thing. I’m working on it. Don’t do that to him. He’s got good hair. I know he has great hair. Why do we always start talking about hair, Diane? I don’t understand. Okay. Okay. Well we’re now it’s Brian White. Brian White. Are you ready? Just a short memo. I [00:38:30] do have to run in about 15 and I just realized like two, I guess.

[00:38:35] I think I realized it earlier, but uh, this is the second time I’ve been on the. On my birthday. Oh, really? Was it last year? The year before last? It was a year before last. Yeah. Awesome. Well, Brian, Brian has been, uh, played a big part in me as a designer and just as a good friend and as [00:39:00] just a designer that prays and loves Jesus.

[00:39:03] And I’ve, and Brian comes so often and maybe you can’t come all the time, Brian. I don’t expect I’m not taking role, buddy. I do know Amy Lyons comes the most. That’s all I know. Yeah. She beats, she beats everyone. So , she beats everybody. But, um, can you tell him who you are, where you are, what you do, and then, and Mario, whenever you have to leave, you.

[00:39:24] Just, um, thank you. And for coming in Happy birth. I’m Brian White. I’m in Lawrence, [00:39:30] Kansas. I run Brian White Design. Um, I merged Try Line Studios and Brian White Design together this year, which was basically the same thing, but like, Variety of stuff, but basically doing, um, started, you know, uh, dabbling in front page design like Shane Helm, uh, back.

[00:39:49] My first website was 97. Uh, fast forward about 10 years doing UI work for, um, UK companies and weird [00:40:00] stuff, . And then just, uh, a juggle of basic design. So, um, focus And you’ve done Kickstarters, you’ve done Yeah. Courses you’ve done. Tell ’em what you’re branding. You were gonna say you do branding and No, no, yeah.

[00:40:13] Focuses on branding, UI and then, uh, dabble and illustration whenever I can. And painting. You do painting? Yes. Yeah. That does not pay anything , so not much. So, but it’s good to have those side things that keep you Yes. [00:40:30] Recharged. It’s a creative outlet for sure. Absolutely. Okay. So, um, do you have a memorable moment or do you remember, do you remember how you found the show?

[00:40:42] Yeah, I met you in 2015 from my first Creative South. So I did type fight, met a whole bunch of people and then, um, I think we met at the Cannon or something like that outside. And, and then we just hit it off. And then it seemed like everyone that I met that [00:41:00] you were friends with, I liked. So I thought, this is, this is a good litmus test.

[00:41:04] You know, she can, she can filter the people for me. And so then , I think I jumped on too. I was talking, I was thinking about what Doc was saying about Lenny, cuz Lenny was, had written a blog about Creative South and I had felt very lonely as a designer working at home and, um, you know, for so long and, and not really getting out into the community.

[00:41:26] And so, Um, even that [00:41:30] weekend, it was just huge for me. And then that’s why I’ve been watching the show too, is just connecting with other people, um, in the variety. So it’s like, uh, just other people that I probably wouldn’t cross paths with, with like add, add, add, design, add, add, add. Oh, another designer that I would never usually see.

[00:41:53] But, um, so yeah, it’s been been great. So yeah. Your, your friends are my friends, so , [00:42:00] that is for sure. Okay, so, um, do you have anything you’d like to see next or as a solopreneur, what’s a struggle for you now that a, cuz you’ve readjusted what you’ve done and, and, and you have done a ton of things. I, I always am inspired by all the things and you make great grant making.

[00:42:21] I’m gonna try to find. Um, some of this. Anyway, keep going. Do you have any, anybody, anything that you’d like to see next or, well, I [00:42:30] w I was like going back to like some of the past people that have been on the show and, and Amy was actually one that I remembered and I was just, it was just cool because she’s been on, you know, and she came on and, and I had seen her work before and it was just fun to see that process.

[00:42:48] But I think that it was really important for people to hear that it’s consistency and small little pieces and being consistent and working hard and just continually working [00:43:00] at it that you’ll see progress, but you can’t jump into design and be like super good right away. You have to test and fail and then shift.

[00:43:07] So my business, um, uh, the business mentor I’ve been talking with kind of built that to where he said, build a system and go to work for it. So I’ve been doing that where it’s like you. You know, you’re making it up. A lot of people are making up how, how you’re pitching stuff and whatever. But um, I’ve been thinking more about that [00:43:30] after that as well.

[00:43:30] So I love that it’s inconsistent. It’s like, yeah, I don’t wanna do that, but I’ll do it. And if I do it every day for a couple years, you’re gonna see like amazing changes. So, and sometimes I think that it’s, if you, if you really hate doing something, maybe then you can have somebody else do that thing so that you can spend more time not hating the things.

[00:43:56] Cuz I mean that’s definitely how it’s been. And [00:44:00] I think having people who are also doing that and trying that and being willing to say, Hey, this didn’t work for me, this did it is helpful. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I’m super thankful for you and your friendship. Um, just me too, Brian. I like it that you’re not, that you’re not really a small talker too.

[00:44:20] Like you’re, when we talk, we really talk and discuss, so that’s cool. Yeah. Just chose your depth. You know, you, you have a, a deep soul, [00:44:30] so Thanks, Brian. You do too. We have, we have great conversations, for sure. Yay. Okay, . There you go. Okay. D you watch longer than John, so thank you. Not that I’m not gonna thank John too, but, um, okay.

[00:44:46] So tell d you start, you tell him who you are, where, where you are, and what you do. Okay? So, I’m laughing so hard. I’m bogging up my glasses. . I’m, I’m Diana Engels. I’m starting to switch to [00:45:00] Diana because when people look up D Engles. It doesn’t really help my

[00:45:03] Ashleigh Barkley: cause,

[00:45:04] diane: so, oh no, you know what, that was what Ashleigh was like, Dee Engles when she did this is when that happens, like in English, right?

[00:45:12] Because it’s in anyway, so yeah. Good job. Question started at all. So I cultivate, um, eco brands that make people feel good about buying, uh, product or service. I work a lot with, um, sustainable materials and methods, and then John, myself and our son are [00:45:30] co-founders of a brand called Well-Rooted and we try to nurture people with nature with that brand.

[00:45:36] And then we give 10% back of the profits to the national parks and forests. I love that. Okay. And then you’ve been a designer and you worked for yourself for how many years? So I would say honestly, probably like 30. I spent 27 of those years. Um, probably not all 27, but for the most part raising. [00:46:00] Our kids while I worked out of a home studio.

[00:46:01] So I’ve been a designer of one for a long time. Yeah. All right. Okay, John, now you go. So, I’m John Engels and I do web development, primarily focused on e-commerce web solutions on like Shopify, Squarespace, that type of thing. And then, like Dee said, I’m co-founder. I work, uh, with Dee and Brennan to, uh, build our wild rotted brand.[00:46:30]

[00:46:30] Cool. Okay. So the, you guys have, um, we did, uh, uh, I mean I’ve known Dee a long time and I got to meet you guys finally in real life. And my glasses are so foggy that it looks like something’s wrong with me, so I’m gonna de fog them, maybe . Um, okay. So, so, um, I think that because I remember you, um, We, uh, me and Dee were in the future together, the Future Pro group.

[00:46:59] Mm-hmm. . [00:47:00] And that’s how we got, uh, to meet. And then she’s just a wickedly good designer, but she’s also really passionate about, um, eco-friendly. And she was really pushing, uh, uh, finding these vendors who were doing, um, you know, algae ink or things that a lot of people other people weren’t doing. You were finding vendors, you were using things.

[00:47:29] You, [00:47:30] um, embraced these hard challenges, I think that these clients gave you. And then you were like, Hey, we could do better. And then doing the whole, well, I mean, you’ve had a gamut of, in the time that I’ve known you, there’s been a lot, so much growth. You’ve done, um, I don’t know, like pitch things. I can’t remember what those are, but they’re like incubators, right.

[00:47:51] there’ve been a ton, a ton of things that you’ve been able to do, and then you and, uh, John came on and then you guys started Wild Rounded. [00:48:00] Kind of give him a little update on where that is as a brand and what y’all are doing. So, wild Rooted is, um, in two years at a two year anniversary and we’re now in a couple stores here locally that are, um, outdoor related and we’re starting to get a little bit of traction every year.

[00:48:20] And um, I think it’s just like somebody said previously, it’s just like you, just, like it was Brian. Just be consistent and

[00:48:27] Ashleigh Barkley: consistent and consistent and, and [00:48:30] I think

[00:48:30] diane: we’re gonna have slow growth, but it’s gonna be solid growth. And we just keep remembering. Our focus for Wild Rooted is

[00:48:37] Ashleigh Barkley: to nurture people with nature, try

[00:48:39] diane: to use our social media channels and our YouTube channel to improve people’s lives in a good way by bringing nature to them.

[00:48:47] If they can’t get to nature, nature heals. Yeah. I love that. Okay. So do you, um, have a memorable moment? You’ve tuned in regularly, both of [00:49:00] you, um, and you’re not in the same place. I mean, you’re in the same city. You live in the same house, but you don’t work in the same space. So, um, do you have anything that you’ve learned, that you’ve implemented or that you, um, a memorable moment?

[00:49:19] So I’ve learned a lot of things that I didn’t know, that I didn’t know . Um, I would say every time I tune in, I learn something that I can implement that day,

[00:49:29] Ashleigh Barkley: but it’s [00:49:30] really hard to go back and

[00:49:31] diane: remember everything. But, um, I, I remember listening to specifically Andrew Burnett’s, uh, talk, and it was really cool to see how he has a strategy for naming companies.

[00:49:44] Yeah. And then you guys got to utilize him for that. Yeah, we did. It was funny you brought that up. We didn’t even talk about what we were gonna discuss today. And Andrew Burnett’s, uh, podcast with him on was one that I had listened also. It’s not the [00:50:00] first one I remember, but it’s definitely very memorable and we ended up using Andrew to help us with naming, which was really cool.

[00:50:07] Which is cool. Okay. Um, do you have, what would would you wanna see next? And I guess I need to start calling you Diana. It’s just weird cuz I’m Diane. It’s okay. Um, so for me, what I’d like to see next is, um, to continue

[00:50:25] Ashleigh Barkley: with what you’re doing as far as like mixing, um, art and [00:50:30] design. I think a lot of people who are outside of our sector of the creative field don’t understand

[00:50:36] diane: that they both serve two different purposes.

[00:50:38] And when you have people who are in the art space and then people who are in the

[00:50:42] D

[00:50:43] Ashleigh Barkley: design space, um, I think that’s really.

[00:50:47] diane: Really educating people to realize that they’re, they’re, they serve two different purposes. So if I had to niche down to something I’d really love to see, um, and I’ve thought about maybe writing a book about this, is [00:51:00] there’s a lot of, um, students out there who don’t really realize what, um,

[00:51:05] Ashleigh Barkley: the many facets of, uh, design that are available to you to go to school, like service design, which is also called human-centered design, um, uh, you know, art therapy, all these types of things.

[00:51:19] I, I think it would be cool if, um, there was some sort of directory for those kids who were creative in high

[00:51:25] diane: school to

[00:51:25] Ashleigh Barkley: realize that you don’t have, you don’t have to choose being a [00:51:30] graphic designer specifically.

[00:51:32] diane: You can niche down into being a service designer where you’re designing

[00:51:35] Ashleigh Barkley: systems for, say, healthcare provider or, um, you’re getting people to think differently in managing change

[00:51:42] diane: management.

[00:51:44] Chris says you should write the book. Hmm. And Doc said, uh, you might have missed that one, but he said it, um, that he loved meeting, meeting y’all and being able to, um, be in Power Station with y’all was really awesome. Yeah. [00:52:00] Thanks. Yeah. Okay. John, do you have anything you wanna see? I, I, I don’t want to completely lean on Doc, but man, the idea of bringing That was a good idea, right?

[00:52:13] His, I, that’s a cool idea, right? Yeah. To be able to bring people back that you haven’t had on the show for a year or two, or even three, and just to do a follow up. Now, maybe not everyone’s available, but that would be really cool. That’d be a neat one. Yeah. What would you wanna see or know about them? [00:52:30] Just how they’ve pivoted.

[00:52:31] Yeah. Maybe, maybe because you, you see the story of somebody up to a certain point, right? But then you don’t hear from them. Maybe you don’t, you’re not, you don’t keep in touch or whatever. Ever life kind of goes. Life is getting behind us really quick. Right. And Dee and I were talking about this the other day, the, the amount of the struggles that you see every single day.

[00:52:54] And you get so focused on the tree in the forest, you don’t take a step back to [00:53:00] realize all the progress that you’ve actually made. And I think that’d be cool to see the progress or just the changes that have happened to other guests that you’ve had on. Yeah, I love that idea. I think necessarily in particular, just an update, you know?

[00:53:12] Yeah, no, I love that idea. I love that idea. And I put in, they have the softest, I should have probably worn a w wild routed. I wear wild routed shirts all the, every, every other day of the week, pretty much. I’m like, oh yeah, I wore my pink one on, uh, or I wore my yellow one on Thanksgiving and then I wore the pink [00:53:30] one the next day.

[00:53:30] I mean, there really is, but, but you honored, you honored. This was a Mario’s birthday, right? So the beaver, right. And I realized this morning I had these two pinch marks. Anyway, I thought, oh, I colored myself, but it’s, they’re bruises on my guns there. Anyway, Ashleigh’s like, don’t show that. Oh my God. You got the FLA person , like looking close.

[00:53:52] I’m just kidding. Ashleigh’s, see, she’s got her face like Will does where it’s no response. I miss Will. I know, [00:54:00] I know. He made a really cool poster. It’s kinda hard to see in the, um, very talented Mr. Nebraska. Oh, oh, I know. Okay. Thank you guys. And of course, I’m just glad you’re my friends and thank you for, to being here and coming to so many shows.

[00:54:15] And now you know who Ashleigh is. Hi Ashleigh. Like my, I I need to thank you for the introductions that you’ve made to all of these people, and most of many of these people are here. I mean, our, our network opened up significantly. Yeah. We love you after [00:54:30] meeting you. And I love y’all. I love it. Yes. Very thankful for y’all.

[00:54:34] We appreciate it and I’m glad Kerman has his ha has his legs crossed , so it might be a little PG rated, if not right. Woo. So Chris actually edits all the podcasts now, thankfully, something else I took off my plate, which is, was really hard for me, um, to ask for help. And so, um, I think that it, I’m very thankful that I have Ashleigh.

[00:54:57] I don’t ever worry about things going [00:55:00] out, and I think, so that’s a really big thing of trust. And it’s the same way with Chris. So I just know that it, I never listened to them again. Um, I’m like, does the vin, does the sock go out quick? Or, and I’m like, that’s like 10 seconds. I could probably listen to that

[00:55:18] Um, but you’ve made, hey, you’ve got your wild rounded hat on. I do. Way to go see people. It’s awesome. The link’s up above. Um, anyway, so, um, Chris, tell ’em who [00:55:30] you are, where you are, what you do. Of course. I’m Chris Martin. I’m a podcast producer slash editor and a writer in Vancouver, Washington. And uh, yeah, I think that kind of sums up everything that I do.

[00:55:44] And you have your own podcast. I have my own podcast called Getting Work to Work and I’ve been doing that for six years. Not quite 10, but, but you have way more than May way more episodes than I have. 640. [00:56:00] 640 and he’s had Debbie Clapper and Paul, and he’s had John and Dee. That was a great episode. That was awesome.

[00:56:06] I’m just filling your guest list. No, no. We know you had, um, you had people on before. I had them on. I’m stealing your guest list. We steal from each other, right. . That’s right. Um, Chris is somebody who I, uh, text with every day. He always asks me how my day goes and I’m honest with them and tell ’em what it’s really bad or when it’s, um, [00:56:30] Sometimes it’s like it was okay or it was good, but that was yours.

[00:56:34] Or yesterday he sent me a picture. You can tell him what the picture was and then you could flip it off. I didn’t remember what the picture was. It was about papyrus. Oh yeah, it was like papyrus in the wild sighting. And it was a dance academy in town. Okay. And I said, somebody paid money for that . And I texted back, my eyes are bleeding.

[00:56:56] Or I said, are your eyes still bleeding from this? Um, [00:57:00] Chris, do you have a memorable moment, um, or something that stood out to you that you’re like, Ugh. For me, I was thinking a lot about this because I’m not someone that remembers a lot since I do edit a lot of the shows. And so for me, what I love is when you are really excited about someone and you’re excited to have them on and you’re nervous and you’re sweating.

[00:57:27] And so I think the most recent one that [00:57:30] that was memorable for me was Sandy Hester, where you were just so excited to have her on. And that was a great episode cuz you both had great chemistry, a great comradery. And it came through on the podcast as well. She went to Auburn War Eagle. I’m just kidding.

[00:57:46] It wasn’t why, but, um, brought to you by Auburn or you , right? Cadillac Wilson, Laurie, he’s for the whatever. I know he, he’s the whatever coach, the assistant head [00:58:00] coach or something. But anyway. I love that guy. Okay, so, um, Chris, what, um, I’ll ask you a harder question cuz it’s not on the list maybe. Oh, nice. I like that.

[00:58:11] What, what is, um, what’s the hardest thing about editing My podcast? Okay. It, it’s not gonna be what you expect, but the hardest thing is the stupid screen share. There’s like a lag between when you hit screen [00:58:30] share and when it comes up. And so I generally have to create like a still frame to like cover the gap.

[00:58:37] And it’s just kind of one of those annoying things that Zoom does when you’re doing a screen share. So if we were just silent, you could just. Well, it, it’s not just that, but it, it, that would work. But at the same time, there’s just this gap of black space. But then if you’ve got multiple guests, they show up as well on the, on the side.

[00:58:57] So it’s some, there’s some weirdness. [00:59:00] Yeah. I don’t really know how to, it’s not, it’s not hard. It’s, it’s not something, but one of the difficult things is sometimes you, you’ll go down a rabbit trail of like saying hi to everyone in the chat and it’ll just come outta nowhere. And I’ll just be like, okay, she was just talking about something amazing.

[00:59:19] Oh, hi Brian White. And then, then you’d lose your trail. And so as an editor, I, I’m like, do I leave that in? Do I have a clean edit? You know? Sorry, Brian White, I’m gonna delete you out [00:59:30] here. . You know, it’s, it’s those kind of things where I’m, I’m making those decisions of do I leave it in or do I. Or, or do I just cut it out?

[00:59:39] And sometimes, more often than not, I just leave them in because it’s who you are. But then other times it’s like, oh, that I don’t wanna remove from this point that’s was being made, so Right. That, that’s a good point though. And um, um, my friend Jody Miller, she had sent me a whole bunch of these, a D H D like this couple, and they go [01:00:00] back and forth and one of the things was the, he was asking her what these words were, and instead of like tidy, it was hiding up

[01:00:09] And it was like, when we don’t really ti we don’t really put things up, we’re just hiding things under the bed or whatever. Like that’s how a D H D cleans. And then, um, there was one about the roller coaster conversation or a con roller coaster or something, and I thought about, oh yeah, I do kind of get off track and, you know, but maybe it’s [01:00:30] just.

[01:00:31] It, it, that’s, that’s part of, I think the, the joy of the show is when you do go down those rabbit trails, because I would say nine times out of 10 they’re actually good and, and a an important part of the conversation. It’s, it’s the one where you’re just kinda like, I think you edit yourself, which takes it me out of the rabbit trail and I don’t know the fifth wall at that point I have a hard time connecting things cuz I lose my train of thought for sure.[01:01:00]

[01:01:00] But I really, it, it, I don’t know if I would do the show if it wasn’t a live aspect. So you guys really do play a whole, a huge role for me in, in this. And I remember I was so defeated that one day when I thought nobody showed up, not even my mom. And, and then I realized I hadn’t hit, you know, whatever, I can’t even remember what the thing is that I hit.

[01:01:25] Um, but I’ve only had to rerecord what broadcast. [01:01:30] Yeah. Broadcast, broadcast webinar. Yep. That was it. I, I forgot to hit broadcast webinar. I did have to record, um, uh, one I had to record twice because I forgot to hit record and in 425, that’s pretty good. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever stopped?

[01:01:47] Not hit record? Uh, it’s pretty obvious if I don’t hit record because the little waveform doesn’t move, so I, I have a more visual representation of what’s going on. Whereas [01:02:00] in Zoom, you know, you don’t, yeah, it’s tiny little thing up in the left hand corner. But then Amy Lyons will be like, Hey, don’t forget to hit record Diane, which I’m very thankful Amy, you absolutely are needed.

[01:02:12] Can I add just one thing for you, please. One of the things that I would love to see, oh, yeah. Tell me that you do more of, and you’re gonna hate this idea because Exactly. I want more solo episodes about not just sharing like blobs, but I want you to share [01:02:30] the struggles of what you’re going through and how you’re overcoming that.

[01:02:33] Because you do so much, you experiment with so many things that I think you’re missing an opportunity to really dive deep into the struggle, to the, I mean, you’re really good at putting out in, in your, your brain like , the, the voices that are going on in your head, the dialogue. But I think letting us in on the struggle and how you’re overcoming that would be a really good opportunity for us to learn from you as well.

[01:02:59] [01:03:00] Okay. We’ll have to talk about that, how I can make that work. We’ll have to get with Ashleigh. She’s doing on the scheduling. I don’t know if that LA girl will get on. I’m just kidding. No, I, I like the idea. It’s hard to, um, you do this really well on your podcast, Chris. He’s got amazing, he has an amazing book.

[01:03:18] You guys need to go listen to getting Work to Work. It’s awesome. Episode 640. It’ll be like 1,020 next week cuz he makes like three a week. Um, we’ll make two, [01:03:30] only two. But he, it ha wrote a book and he is publishing it or he’s, uh, reading part of it on the podcast and I’ll just work on that. I’ll have to work on it.

[01:03:41] So I see you Hannah and, um, Debbie and Amy and Morris and, and the other Hannah. My Hannah Hannah Wilson. Not the he by Hannah. Uh, but Hannah Wilson. Were you in school with Ashleigh? I don’t know. I think maybe she’s this year. Okay. Well, Chris, thank you and You’re [01:04:00] welcome. Thank, thank you for editing this episode.

[01:04:02] Amy, you’ve spent, you got to be on, on your birthday or on your birthday week. on your birthday? Yes, it was on my birthday. On your birthday? Yes. And um, in February. And I do know when you go on vacation because you text me and tell me you can’t be here. And, um, it does for me, it does feel like that, um, that y’all are here with me.

[01:04:27] And so it’s nice to, for people to be [01:04:30] able to see each other. Um, but can you tell people what you do, who you are and where you live? Uh, yes. You say War Eagle. War Eagle,

[01:04:39] Ashleigh Barkley: yes, definitely. War Eagle. Um, also went to Auburn at the same time as Dean. Uh, Diane, sorry. I have a friend named Deanne who went to Auburn with me too, but I didn’t know.

[01:04:48] I know Diane at the time, unfortunately. But fortunately now I do. Anyhow, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator in Raleigh, North Carolina. Um, [01:05:00] Right now I’m making snowflakes for a window display.

[01:05:03] diane: Okay. And then you have worked alone as a creative, but you’re in a bigger company, but you’re the Yeah.

[01:05:09] Ashleigh Barkley: Yeah. I, I, um, work in-house, uh, but I’m the only designer.

[01:05:14] Um, and I do have a, uh, I work with a marketing team, but like, is that I’m the only designer. So I do have a team I can go to for feedback on stuff, but I don’t have anyone

[01:05:24] diane: who shares the workload with me. Okay. So what’s been, because you’ve, it’s hard to [01:05:30] say which one though, right? Like, we’ve been here a long time.

[01:05:33] But, um, what was, what is a memorable moment for you? Or is there something that you learned on a, uh, design recharger, you know, episode that you then implement? Well,

[01:05:46] Ashleigh Barkley: um, most memorable obviously had to be when I was on the show. Of course. Especially since apparently I’m your favorite. No, I’m

[01:05:52] diane: just kidding.

[01:05:53] Um,

[01:05:54] Ashleigh Barkley: um, you know, I think what I enjoy most about this, uh, show, and I think somebody [01:06:00] just said it in the chat, is I, I like the life aspect of it. I love coming, um, to the community and I love learning from a whole bunch of different types of people. Like obviously some of them are my friends that I’ve met and some of them,

[01:06:12] diane: um, like that I knew I met at Creative South, or I

[01:06:15] Ashleigh Barkley: knew before they came onto the show.

[01:06:17] And other ones I

[01:06:19] diane: have

[01:06:20] Ashleigh Barkley: come to know from them being on the show and then probably meeting them at Creative South. Uh, and, but it’s, it’s just a great community and I, I get [01:06:30] to have lunch with you every week,

[01:06:31] diane: so I know.

[01:06:32] Ashleigh Barkley: I love that. But there’s, there’s a lot to learn. I, I also like to learn from you who, I like your rapid recharges.

[01:06:39] Um, and I, I do think there’s. Stuff that you, you learned, that you share with us. And I appreciate you being so open about that, um, your struggles and your successes and everything. So,

[01:06:53] diane: um, yeah. Well, thanks Amy. Do you wanna see my really ugly Dolly Parton? Yes. [01:07:00] Are you ready for the scary Dolly Parton? I don’t know.

[01:07:04] Yes. Oh no, it is. There she is. Okay. It is a little scary. . I like the carrots and the this, but the Dolly Parton is woo. It’s a little,

[01:07:15] Ashleigh Barkley: but it’s a nice use of color. Yeah, that’s a great way to say. I like, I like the shading in the hair.

[01:07:21] diane: My mom said I was listening or I was watching, or I was whatever, responding to some comments.

[01:07:27] And on Facebook, you know, my mom’s, she likes every, I [01:07:30] mean, my cousins give her a hard time. I don’t think she’s here today. Lemme make sure , I don’t think so anyways. Well, no, no, she’s not here. And, um, She had a doctor’s appointment. Anyway, she, she excuse that she’s excused. She’ll never figure out how to listen to it after.

[01:07:45] So , she, um, she said in, it was like, it was like some of these things that were in the front, like these, these, you know, I don’t know, leaves. I like all those leaves. Yeah. Yeah. And she was like, interesting. I was like, mom, that’s what I say when, [01:08:00] um, I don’t know anything else good to say, I say and just like, bless your heart, you know, kind of a

[01:08:06] Um, but I thought it, it was funny that that was her only word. She said interest. Interesting. And I was like, man, if you, if I’d put the Bali partner up there. I get that with Interesting. I just thought it was funny. Yeah. Made me laugh. That is funny. So, um, is there anything you would like to see as we I did think Doc’s idea was really good.

[01:08:27] I would say that was a great idea. I saw you, you say that. [01:08:30]

[01:08:30] Ashleigh Barkley: I liked, uh, I like Chris’s idea too. I know you don’t like it, but, um, It’s a good one. I just, I really enjoy, I think somebody else said the mix of people that you have and cuz like, I think even, you know, not everyone that you have on is, is, is a designer, is a creative in, in some way, but the what they ha, what they say and the things I have to talk about are useful.

[01:08:54] And I love, I love seeing different people’s processes and um, just, I think [01:09:00] there’s something to learn from everybody’s.

[01:09:02] diane: Yeah, I do think everybody has a good story. Go ahead.

[01:09:05] Ashleigh Barkley: Yeah, like even if it’s, maybe you, you don’t find a takeaway that you can do, but maybe it sparks an idea of something else that you know, oh, that might work for me for this.

[01:09:15] Or you talked

[01:09:16] diane: that away and you

[01:09:18] Ashleigh Barkley: hear somebody else is complaining about something, you’re like, oh, I heard about this person and this is what they did. And Yeah. You know, it’s, you’ve built a really amazing community and I just, I love hanging

[01:09:29] diane: up [01:09:30] every week and Well, you built it right there with me, Amy.

[01:09:33] If you weren’t there, it wouldn’t have been and you weren’t typing in the chat, it wouldn’t have been as enough .

[01:09:39] Ashleigh Barkley: Well, I do think that coming in live is, is the best part. Um, cause I’ve, I have, you know, I’ve watched the few that I’ve, a couple here already there that I’ve missed. From the live shows, but it’s, it’s just, I miss I, I’ll be like, listen me, and I’m like, oh, I wanna type this thing in my eye.

[01:09:57] Nobody’s there, .

[01:09:59] diane: I [01:10:00] totally, I, I, uh, am the same way and I’m really glad, I think it is a little different, um, something that maybe sets it apart, but I think that Oh, definitely it is the, it’s the response. And I know Ashleigh asked me, you know, well, do you still get something out of it? And if it was just a conversation with me and somebody else, I still am getting something out of it.

[01:10:20] So it’s still doing something for me. But I always like to share those bits, you know, I think that somebody else can learn something else. Just like Doc was saying that [01:10:30] sometimes it feels like they’re just talking just to me. Um, just like you’re, if you’re sitting in church and you’re, you feel like, oh my gosh, is the pastor talking to anybody else?

[01:10:41] This just hurt me, Amy. Um, And how long do you think you, do you think it’s been since 2000? I think it’s

[01:10:51] Ashleigh Barkley: been 2015. Cuz I feel like, I think it was maybe Brian who said that, uh, Lenny was getting interviewed or something [01:11:00] like that. And that’s, and it was either Lenny or Mike. And I knew Mike because of Lenny and I was getting ready to go to Creative South first time.

[01:11:07] So I was like, oh, I wanna hear more about that cause I’m so excited to go .

[01:11:11] diane: Yeah.

[01:11:11] Ashleigh Barkley: Yeah. Um, and that’s, that’s the other thing I love that those chink communities like mix up so that a lot of the people that I hang out with here every Wednesday, I get to at least see once a year in person. Yeah. Um, those are able to

[01:11:26] diane: make it.

[01:11:26] So, yeah. So Lenny’s was, um, [01:11:30] 2015 and I’m putting that, I mean, he’s been on there a couple times, but, um, but that one was that one. Anyway. Thank you Amy. Thank you for being Thank you in my world and

[01:11:43] Ashleigh Barkley: be my favorite honor. Honored to be in your world. .

[01:11:47] diane: I’m honored to be in yours. Well, Ashleigh, uh, I think we’ll be able to, we’ll close it off.

[01:11:52] Um, yes, and thank

[01:11:53] Ashleigh Barkley: you Ashleigh, for all you do behind the scenes. I know we know Diane couldn’t do it without you, so thanks for [01:12:00] supporting our, our friend. Thank you. For sure.

[01:12:04] diane: Well guys, I know we went really long. My mom would be like, it’s time to go. And it is. Cause my bladder’s about to explode. So , um, I would, I, well, Paul said it in the chat earlier, we’ll have to do a part two, we’ll do a part two where it’s just us coming together.

[01:12:21] And Ashleigh, I know it was probably uncomfortable to stay for so long and just be on screen, but I appreciate, again, as always, you are [01:12:30] such a great support and thank you for being such a great encourager for me. Oh,

[01:12:35] Ashleigh Barkley: Diane, cheers. 10 years. This is, um, this is a milestone. Um, and just thank you for, um, sharing your superpower

[01:12:45] diane: with us.

[01:12:47] Well, I’m just glad to rub shoulders with all of y’all, or elbows or whatever it is. Um, because it, we all create better when we’re together and we learn from each other. [01:13:00] And Amy have fun making snowflakes. Amy’s really crafty. She does all kinds of really cool craft projects for her family. Amazing Christmas present people.

[01:13:09] Oh, I got myself a Christmas

[01:13:11] Ashleigh Barkley: present and I can do more now. Oh, I got myself a

[01:13:13] diane: Cricut. Oh, sweet. Can’t wait to see. Okay. Okay. We will see you next week. Next week is Melinda Lisey. She’s gonna be talking about process. Because the process that you have or somebody else has, you can, you [01:13:30] can actually take and adjust and use all these different things.

[01:13:33] So I’m excited she’s going to be ending the year. Um, and this 10th year she’s ending it with the taco process and I have ideas for next time. So, um, Ashleigh, I’ll talk to you soon cause I have new ideas. And Amy and everybody else, I’ll see you guys next week. And Chris, Danielle, we have to get you on sometime.

[01:13:53] I wanna talk to you so that I can see what you sound like. I’ve seen a picture of you, so now I just need [01:14:00] to, uh, cause I wanna, I want you to feel like you’re part of it. And Brian Bundy, you too. All right guys. I’ll see you next week. Bye.

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