Imaginember 2023

Join me for an imagination exercise everyday in the month of November. This year we are taking beautiful images of spaces and objects and finding faces.

This year’s creative calisthenics is one of my favorite ways to exercise my imagination. I get out a magazine and start looking for things I can draw faces on. So instead of using a magazine or catalog I created over 40 pages of beautiful rooms and object photography. All photos are credited by their photographer and all are from one of my favorite places to get royalty free images that I can use in my commercial work.

Since most of my client work is for real estate photographers, interior designers, and creatives who have amazing images, I get to look at a lot of beautiful spaces. I buy magazines that feature spaces and enjoy getting out a black or white pen and going to town on an old issue.

Watch here for updates on face I have “found,” but if you are confused as what you are supposed to do look no further.

Here are some of my examples from different magazines and catalogs.

Get the supplies I use

Micron Pen:

White Uniball Signo Pen:

Join me and let’s get to exercising our imaginations!

A Workout 
for Your Imagination
Each November we exercise our imagination with Creative Calisthenics. These worksheets get you exercising each week for the month of November.
Great! I sent you an email with the pdf.

Links above are affiliate links. You don’t pay anything different, I simply get rewarded for sending you there and get very small piece of the pie.

2 thoughts on “Imaginember 2023”

  1. Hi Diane! Just signed up and looking forward to November 😉 I’m not sure the supply links are working or they are not for me. Unless my browser is an issue (Chrome). I’ll check back.

    1. They are working for me, but I think I know the issue. I am in Chrome also. I think you have to click directly on the yellow box. It’s an amazon thing, but i can adjust so it is just a link, which might be easier. thanks for letting me know Pridge. I am so excited you are doing this with me this year!

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