Is Balance a Realistic Pursuit?

Episode 401, Aired January 26, 2022

Is balance in my life even possible?
Do I find myself out of balance every time I do a check-up?
How often am I checking in with myself or my accountability people (because I have more than one)?

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I am not sure I have ever had true balance. I think it must be like being extremely efficient. If you were a car, your first day off the assembly line is not your best performance day. Your driver has to get to know you, you have to get used to using and pushing all the parts in your engine, your brakes, etc. But after a few months, you are running smoothly.

But it requires regular maintenance: oil changes, tire rotation, consistent gasoline/fuel, fluids being changed and added to. If one of these things is overlooked and not replaced or replenished, after time that part will seize up and the car, no matter how new, will die or be in need of serious repairs.

My mama’s dryer is messing up. She had the hose (over 25 feet) replaced this week, but it still isn’t working. Maybe the blower. But it is producing heat but not blowing it out. She has had belts replaced but something is not holding. Is it better to replace the dryer or should she just continue paying for little fixes that are adding up? Would it be cheaper to just bite the bullet and buy a new dryer?

Sometimes I feel like this with my life? Will I ever get balanced.

Am I consuming too much, or not enough?
Am I drawing and making art or nothing at all?
Am I using my time to pour into people or am I in hibernation mode?

Did you know that bears go into hibernation mode and go into labor, deliver the babies, and the babies survive all while the mama bear is in hibernation mode? Crazy huh, I bet it’s a lot less painful.

Being out of balance happens to me a lot. Like in the washer when I am trying to wash the bath mats and towels, or the cat bed. The washer starts banging and is all out of balance. It makes a LOT of noise and could mess up a lot of things if I leave it out of balance.

My life has been out of balance. Anyone with me on this? I am not sure what I would do if I wasn’t working. I enjoy it. I was talking to my friend Dustin about this. I am not sure I know how to do other things. BUT I used to be someone with hobbies. My friend Anat has good balance, she has been working on it. It seems possible because she can do it, maybe I can.

This is the power of community and having people in my life that are further along than I am. Tomorrow we are going to talk about getting out of balance, and making a lot of noise until someone takes us to the mechanic.

Join me Wednesday, January 26 at 7:30pm GMT / 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT / 9:30am in Hawaii.

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