Nathan Yoder // Transitions & Inner Battles

Aired on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.

Episode 179

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Nathan Yoder always makes my face hurt. What! Yes, because every time I talk to him, I smile so big my face hurts after our conversations. Believe me it is a good thing.

He has an infectious, positive energy not to mention his talent and skill as a designer, letterer, and illustrator. This week we’ll talk about times when it’s harder to smile and harder to stay positive. We are talking about the times when we transition into new roles, new jobs, new creative pursuits and feel like we are NOT on top of the mountain.

Nathan and I will talk about some of the valleys he has experienced on his creative path. Nathan has made the transition from full time to freelance. Then made a transition in the focus of his creative work. He is now growing and developing new skills in animation and developing his illustration style.

We will talk about how to keep attracting new clients. And discuss self-promotion in  times of growth and the importance of side projects even when you are slam-busy.

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