Strengthening Your Mindset with Mario Quezada

Last week… was a blur. It was the recharge week. For last week in Love on Creatives/Designers you were supposed to do some self-care. Did you?

I did! I got my hair cut!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! And it needed it. I hadn’t had it cut in over 2 months.

But honestly, I have been struggling. I really needed the time off. I have been trying to do a lot. And getting really frustrated with myself about what I am not accomplishing.

My friend Shane Moran flips it and instead of writing down all the things he didn’t get done and making the never ending to-do list, he creates a list of what he learned. Things he did and learned that took time and he might not have planned on spending time learning.

And now he doesn’t feel bad, he actually can look back at his week and reflect on what he did do.

This week’s topic couldn’t have come at a better time. I am not sure about you, but my mindset in certain areas is tip top shape, other areas it looks like I’ve never worked it out a day in my life.

This week I have my favorite Mindset Specialist back on, Mario Quezada. He is going to talk to us about why strengthening our mindset is so important. And that it is not a one and done thing. It is a daily practice.

We will also chat about last year’s Mindset Reboot Conference and talk about this year’s conference.

There are a few days left to get the early bird ticket price!!! Ends Feb 28.

The Questions

This conference was really good in getting me on track last year and I will share why. I hope you will join us, Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022 at 7:30pm BST / 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT / 9:30am in Hawaii. Sign up to get the link at

You can always join us for the live taping experience and be part of the community. Come a little early and introduce yourself in the chat, tell us where you are located in the world and say hey!  

  1. Mario, can you give everybody a little background about your start in design and when you started realizing a lot of the clients you were working with were struggling with mindset in regards to their business or life?
  2. In the last 10 years Mario what have processes or systems have you put in place that have helped you grow as a brand strategist? As a business owner? What have you done to build a stronger mindset?
  3. In the last 30 days have you been learning anything or working on any new habits related to your mindset?
  4. What is this year’s Mindset Reboot focusing on?
  5. What made you choose this year’s theme? Have you seen anything in the entrepreneurs you are working with that helped you narrow it down to this topic?
  6. Who is on the line up? Why did you choose them?
  7. What did you learn last year that you will be doing again? Any changes for this year?
  8. What is the thing you’ve learned about yourself in the last year, that has been most impactful to your life and business?
  9. What is next?

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