What I Learned from my Bird Project: Rapid Recharge

That’s a lot of birds. Why geese or ducks? Why flamingos? Why this process?

I introduced you to the birds back in February, in the episode called “The Benefits of Side Adventures.” But now I have had time to finish, process it in my mind, and reflect on how to use this process in the future and how to use these birds in more of my work.

I will answer a lot of the why’s behind this project this week on the show. As they are assembled here it really is a LOT of birds.

Last year I did a 100 faces challenge in eight days and it was great but I saw where the limitations of zooming through and not having enough depth in the project. There was also not enough limitations.

Limitations help me to solve problems better, quicker, because if all the tools are at my disposal I will keep pushing pixels and trying to make it right.

This challenge I was working as a professor full time so I could not do 100 in eight days and keep my students going too. I decided to focus on birds and specifically geese. Although when you type goose into Pinterest or google, I think some ducks pop up. So yes some of these are ducks but I tried to illustrate geese.

I had a new process I wanted to try. I wanted to not give up even when it got hard. There were some days that I just had to have the drawing serve as the bird for the day.

It just happened to coincide with Genna Blackburn’s 75 Art Challenge which was making art for 75 days. She had prompts but I just needed the community. AND boy were these fellow creatives just what I was needing. I did not know anyone but made quite a few friends after this.

Before Genna’s challenge I was working on ostriches. They were really tall. And honestly didn’t fit in my envelope easily so I abandoned ostriches and came back to them later. I decided anything with a long neck I was going to work on. There are some rogue birds in there like the seagulls without long necks.

Well I am going to take you from start to finish and I hope my new document camera will be up and running. I would love to have you join me Wednesday, May 1 at 7:30pm GMT / 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT / 8:30am in Hawaii.

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Episode 468 LIVE on Wednesday, May 1, 2024


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