The Importance of Community in Your Mental Health

This year we are starting off on the right track. Often the winter months can bring on seasonal affect disorder and depression. For those of us who suffer from depression throughout the year, the winter can be extremely hard. The people around us can make all the difference when it comes to feeling more like ourselves.

Do you struggle at the beginning of the new year?
Do you battle with depression and anxiety?
Are your relationships holding you back from embracing your full potential?

Episode. 325 Aired Wednesday, January 8, 2020

This week we will talk about the power of community in our mental health as we kick off Design Recharge’s Mental Health month. We will be focusing on real struggles with creatives regarding their mental health. Often these issues deal with physical and emotional health as well.

Let’s start the year off right, supporting each other, growing stronger, and finding outlets, and places of support when we need it.

This week’s guest is an inspiration to me, she is a spitfire and has a passion for helping others. She is not afraid to start something and that is just what she is going to talk to us about and why she is building a community for people who need a safe harbor. This week I am excited to finally have my friend Tara Victoria on the show!

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