Lenny Terenzi // Self-Care: Going Dark Digitally

Ep. 326 Aired on January 15, 2020

Are you in the middle of an inner battle?
Have you gone through something REALLY big and you have lost track of your vision or who you are?
Are you overwhelmed with life, work, and creatively stumped?

This week we will talk about self-care as we focus this month on our mental health. We are focusing on real struggles creatives have regarding their mental health.

Let’s start the year off right, supporting each other, growing stronger, and finding outlets, and places of support when we need it.

This week’s guest is a great speaker, illustrator, leader, and friend to many, Lenny Terenzi. But he is also human and is going through a journey he did not expect to be on, but is continuing onward, growing, and sharing his story.

We will dig into how through this inner journey he went dark digitally, refocused, and healed. He will give us tips on how to help someone who is going through something similar and tips to help you, if you find yourself on a similar path.

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