Stress: The Silent Killer with Taylor Cashdan

Ep. 327 Aired on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

Do you push yourself hard?
Do you live for the fast-paced, deadline driven life of a designer?
Are you regularly waiting til the night before and staying up late to get the project done?
Does it feel like nothing is ever planned out and you are always pushing, pushing, pushing to try to make it work out for the client?
Do you secretly love this lifestyle?

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This week we discuss stress and the unhealthy parts of it if we take it too far too long. This month we’re focusing on our mental health. You might be saying but this is stress, and this has to do with our physical bodies. Yes but a lot of stress is mental. Our mental health and physical health are inner connected. All month we are focusing on real struggles creatives have regarding their mental health.

We’re starting the year off right, supporting each other, growing stronger, and finding outlets, and places of support when we need it.

This week’s guest is Taylor Cashdan, he is speaking to us about his relationship with stress and how before he was 30 was suffering from AFIB.

We will dive into how we can avoid falling into these same traps. Our industry is known for living for the rush of the end of a project. We need to make a new story for creatives. More on Wednesday, hope to see you live.

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