Imaginember 2022

Episode 421, Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

I am ready to try this again. Have you ever wanted to start something and you tried and then couldn’t keep up with it?

Did you give up or get back up?

I attempted this at the beginning of October. I could have easily rode this one out and not said anything about it and let it slip away. But I really love blobs and what they allow me to do and see. But also how they allow all of us to see something new and share and become kids again. Because what we see is what we see. It is not right or wrong.

These are adventures in our imagination.

I feel so distant from my imagination quite often in my work and in my business, in my day to day life. I still go outside and look at the clouds and at night when the moon is so bright and it is so quiet, you can find me pretending what it would have been like to live hundreds of years ago. I am still imaginative, I still pretend. It is an escape and it is fun.

But I don’t do it often enough.

That’s where blobs come in. I get to use my imagination to see something and then practice drawing it out of the shape. If I mess up or if I can’t see something in all the shapes, it doesn’t bother me. I know it is only a fun exercise and I wait for the next cloud to arrive. I have never let not being able to see something in a blob, a cloud, or some other shape be a defining moment for me.

My mind has been very good with me here. My inner critic doesn’t even come around this playground.

Every week for the month of November I will send you a creative exercise. You and I can do these together. Let’s use the hashtag #Imaginember and tag me @CreativesIgnite.

A Workout 
for Your Imagination
Each November we exercise our imagination with Creative Calisthenics. These worksheets get you exercising each week for the month of November.
Great! I sent you an email with the pdf.

2 thoughts on “Imaginember 2022”

  1. Love this exercise, what a great way to pose from your busy day, bring back your inner child and enjoy creating. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas Diane! You’re an inspiration. ❤️

    1. I love exercises like this. They help me get back to playing and not being so serious. This next year is going to be fun!

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