Love on Designers (& Creatives) 2023

Back in 2018 my friend Kim Panella and I decided to take the month of February to love on our friends, mentors, co-workers and people starting in the field, also taking a week to do some self-love. This is not limited to Designers only but any Creative.

Will you join me this year and celebrate others and lift others up this month.

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  1. Take someone to coffee, bring someone an espresso, soda, or red bull.
  2. You could buy someone a coffee card. Have you seen, I have bought people I admire a coffee this way. This is especially helpful for people who don’t live near me.
  3. Be positive energy for others in meetings this week.
  4. Post an energizing quote and tag a friend who could use some energizing (remember to use the #loveondesigners tag)

Then snap a photo and use the hashtag #loveondesigners when you post it and tag me @creativesignite when you post.


  1. Create a post with an encouraging phrase or video on social media specifically to someone who needs a lift. Tag them and me. Remember to use the hashtag #loveondesigners
  2. Send an old fashioned letter to someone who you know who has been killing it in our industry. Maybe do the research and find their company address or PO Box or if you know them ask them for their mailing address then send them some love in the mail.
  3. Direct message someone and let them know you have seen their work and know how much time and energy they have been putting into it and it isn’t going unnoticed.

Week 3 is RECHARGE

This is a week about you. Maybe you are like me and I am so far down on my to-do list I never prioritize myself and sometimes even my own business. This week I am hoping you will commit some time to do some self-care and restorative work on you and giving you what you need this week. Shoot a picture and use the hashtag #loveondesigners this week and let us know how you are taking care of yourself this week.

Below are some ideas.

  1. Take a walk or a hike.
  2. Do yoga.
  3. Give yourself a spa day, or maybe just get a massage.
  4. Watch a movie.
  5. Take a nap.
  6. Take a class. Set aside time to create just for you, no client.

Do something that refuels you, take a picture and use the #loveondesigners.

Week 4 is CONNECT

This week I want you to reach out to someone you don’t know and tell them how their work / life has inspired you.

Some ideas you can do are:

  1. Create a social media post and tag them (and us) telling them how they have inspired or helped you.
  2. Reach out to a mentor or teacher (recent or past teacher) and let them know how much they have meant to you.
  3. Send a card to someone you have looked up to, to their office. Do a little digging and find the address. And craft an incredible envelope to go with the card.

I hope you will join us as we lift up the creative community this month and spread the love.

Here is how to enter to win one of the five giveaways this month:

I am focused on growing my YouTube channel and one way for me to do this is to have more engagement and comments. GIVEAWAY TIME! To enter the drawing for some of my favorite drawing and mixed media tools, plus a few cards to send to friends and people who inspire you, postcards which you can hang in your office, and a few special surprise bonus items here’s what you have to do.

Five total winners will be randomly selected. Each week I post on YouTube @creativesignite. Anyone who comments on any of my YouTube videos will be entered to win. I will be randomly select a winner each week (Feb 1–15) (three YouTube winners). To be entered to win all you have to do is:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel @creativesignite.
  2. Comment and share the video with a friend.

    OR for the two LIVE SHOW winners
  3. Come to the live show and make a comment. The more you comment the more chances you have to win. The last two weeks I will choose a person during the Feb 15th live show and during the Feb 25th live show. All you have to do is: Come to the live show and comment in the chat during the live show.


CI ep 430 02012023

[00:00:00] diane: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of, I almost said design recharge, but it used to be called design recharge. For many, many years it was design recharge, but now it’s called Creatives Ignite cuz it’s for creatives. And some creatives are in designer packages, and so, I mean, that didn’t sound good.

[00:00:19] You know what I mean? We’re designers, but some are illustrators, some are writers, some are just strategists and, but we’re in the creative field and we are in a creative industry. [00:00:30] And sometimes it’s just my mom. Hey mom. So you can always come live. I don’t know if you know that. If you’re listening, obviously the people that are here live, they know that they can come live.

[00:00:39] But it’s fun cuz then you get to kind of talk to the people who are here. So this is a kickoff for the month of February and I’m excited about having this. This is, I believe, the sixth year that we have done love on designers. So I’m gonna explain what it is. How to participate and you can really participate [00:01:00] or you can just a little participate if you want.

[00:01:02] I have five packs of things that I give away. It’s all the same things, but some are cards and um, some are, um, Maura said she won one, uh, one year and it was awesome. And, but there’s also like, Tools, like some, some of my favorite, uh, watercolor pencils or pins or water brushes. I always give everybody a water brush.

[00:01:24] And, um, in the past I’ve done it. I’ve had, we’ve done it pairings with somebody else. [00:01:30] Um, so somebody else is doing some of this stuff, just stuff I’ve made and I’m giving it to y’all to send out to somebody else. Um, but there’s stuff for you to make some stuff too. And I think this year it’s gonna be, there’s gonna be a little bit.

[00:01:42] HandsOn kind of things as well. So there’ll be, not that, some of them’s not HandsOn, so I’ve really like, yeah. Stickers. Cards. Pens. Oh my. Like brandy says. So I wanna tell you what, um, this is, so this week is energized and I wanted to have more done. I have one sheet to kind of [00:02:00] give you, um, uh, An exercise to do.

[00:02:04] It’s just me today. Um, so here’s what the month is. Today’s February 1st. Hey, Brian Bundy in Cleveland. Um, he just came. It’s just, anyway, so. Week one. So from now to next Wednesday, it’s cool that it started on a Wednesday this year. So from February 1st to February 6th, it’s all about energize. And I have, I guess, you know, [00:02:30] coming off of it’s darker gray here, you know, it’s like, We need a little bit of extra kick.

[00:02:36] It takes us longer to get outta bed. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Um, I mean, I get outta bed. Uh, but uh, maybe we’re needing a little energy, um, spurt and that could be in the form of coffee or diet. Dr. Pepper for me. Um, a Red Bull. It could be I don’t, chocolate covered espresso beans, whatever your energy is.

[00:02:58] Paul probably could just [00:03:00] go on another run that makes him gets. You know, um, energize more than likely. But what I’m trying to see is I did this as an exercise in my class and I saw that it like recharged people. So let me just explain. So love on designers, really, it can be love on creatives. Oh, whatever.

[00:03:22] Um, you get the idea. It’s just a time to love on each other. There’s one week you get to love on yourself, but really it’s this one month [00:03:30] that we’re taking and you’re gonna do something for other people. So you do something that would energize you to somebody else, or you ask them what would energize, um, them, and you buy them a coffee or whatever.

[00:03:42] Do a kindness, act of kindness. Um, give somebody a book or a take ’em to lunch, right? Just, just something. And I’m gonna talk to you. Things when motivation might be low. So energize is the [00:04:00] first week, next week, granted we’ll have a guest, but this is like the precursor. We will talk about it a little bit, but this week I’ll be posting some things and if you, um, and I’m trying to do more on my YouTube, so this year I.

[00:04:16] Focusing on YouTube. Granted, I’ll still post on some of the other platforms, but YouTube is where I am trying to work on it. And so I think when what has happened to me, I’ll spread myself too thin, which is kind of what I [00:04:30] talked about, um, whenever I talked two weeks ago. And so it’s like, okay. I’m just doing this one, this one thing, I’m gonna do this one thing, this one platform.

[00:04:40] Yes, I may be others, but I’m really focusing and I’m telling you where I’m focusing. So it would help if you hit like and subscribe you, um, to an episode. Even if it was an episode, you came to live. Hey Hannah. But so then the next week is, so the first week is about energy energizing. The second week is [00:05:00] encouraging.

[00:05:00] So who can you? Encourage, and I would say just do this on social media. You could also send a note to somebody if you wanted, but who? You know, a colleague, a friend, or you know, not, maybe somebody who’s mentoring you, that’s a whole nother week, but somebody who maybe you’re, you can pull up their, you know, or a young designer or a young illustrator or a young writer and you could, you’re following them, you could.

[00:05:29] See [00:05:30] something that they’re doing and you become more active in seeing what they’re doing and where they’re posting and ask them, right. Um, or talk to them. Comment. I think that that’s like tiny little things when somebody actually comments and it’s not just like a balloon or you know, like a, like I do this all the time.

[00:05:51] I’m like, that’s awesome. Wahoo. And I have a really long wahoo, which I know I need to do better at that. But, so in [00:06:00] this week, I really try to focus on saying things that are really encouraging and uplifting. Like of something that I see that’s really good. And it doesn’t have to be somebody that’s a young designer.

[00:06:13] Again, somebody at your level, somebody who’s doing something that you admire, but not maybe in that like teacher mentor, huge, I, you know, influence or kind of level just, you know, regular people level. I think it’s important to know that all those, when you put something out, [00:06:30] And somebody takes the time to comment on it, it’s huge.

[00:06:34] So I just want you to be one of those commenters and I, it just, you’re doing it to just lift them up. And so I’m thinking about this a lot. Okay, so, um, the third week is recharge. So you have to, I know you’re probably like me and you have to schedule this in, so it’s three weeks away people, right? Or two.

[00:06:55] I don’t know what the date is would be, but what I want you to do is schedule in [00:07:00] time for you to recharge. So you have two weeks before, it’s the recharge week, and I would love to see what you did for yourself, whether it’s you took a walk or you take time out. Um, To eat lunch alone out in the sunshine, or you go to the library or you do something else that you want to do, that’s the recharge week.

[00:07:22] Maybe you get a massage, maybe you, um, go to a pottery class. I have no idea what it is, but it’s something that [00:07:30] you haven’t been doing for you and you are taking the time to do so. Let’s schedule it in for, in three weeks, two weeks. One week two, that’s week three. And then the last week is about connecting and connecting with those people who have been our mentors, who have been our heroes, who are, and we may not ever get anything back.

[00:07:52] Right? Like they, they have given us so much. Now we’re just so we’re not expecting to get a thank you that made my day or [00:08:00] whatever. We’re just expecting nothing it to go into the ether, but I actually think. That’s where you may be surprised you may get a response back because some, you know, they’re just like us and they put their pants on one leg at a time and, um, you know, they need encouragement too.

[00:08:21] So. Uh, week one, energizing. Maybe a coworker, somebody you are, A lot of us are solopreneurs, [00:08:30] so maybe it’s somebody that you is, you know, in the same, uh, they’re a solopreneur somewhere else, right? For, uh, in another town or something. You can do a buy me a coffee, um, as a link in. Um, in this episode thing, whatever.

[00:08:47] Um, and it, um, you could buy somebody coffee. Granted, maybe everybody doesn’t drink coffee. Like I don’t, but, um, but may, you know, sometimes it’s just again, on social media. Let’s [00:09:00] use it for good and let’s. Energize somebody else. You can buy ’em something, you could have a Zoom lunch. Who knows? That would be energizing to me.

[00:09:09] Might be not energizing to some people, but it is to me. Okay, so then those are the four weeks. So I am committing and I am going to really work at this, and I’m gonna tell you one thing I’ve done. So I’m gonna go through ’em again. This week is energize. Next week is. Encourage, it would’ve been great if I could get all ease.

[00:09:29] [00:09:30] Somebody probably could help me with that. And then the third week is recharge. That’s internal cause you don’t take care of yourself enough. You’re gonna recharge to do that. And then connect with somebody who is, um, you know, who you admire and who’s who. Their work has made a difference in your career.

[00:09:48] Just by them doing their work and sharing it. And that’s what I just wanna get across, is that we are just supposed to be sharing our stuff because that may help somebody else. And to me, helping one [00:10:00] person is enough. Okay, so here’s what I’ve been doing, a challenge. I’ve been taking, um, hope my mom doesn’t care, but she’s 80, so is my dad.

[00:10:10] My dad’s a little bit older, a few months older, but I have decided that this year I am going to write her a note, physical note every week. She knows this. I’ve already told her this. She’s like, I gotta put it up this week. Then I was like, oh, well I’m gonna do this. And so I’ve done it all through January.

[00:10:28] I, I haven’t missed a [00:10:30] week, and maybe there’s somebody in your life you could do a little digging and you could send them an actual card or a postcard or just a letter just, and it doesn’t even have to have anything really just to, you could tell ’em what your day, what’s your day’s like. But I was like, you know what?

[00:10:49] I’m just gonna do this for my mom. I talk to my mom every day, so it’s not like she doesn’t know what I’m doing. , but I think that it’s nice just to have [00:11:00] that extra thing of something in your hands. I love getting mail. Like I get mad when John goes to the mailbox. I mean, I’m like, oh, it’s kinda like when he mows, I’m like, Ugh, I like to do this.

[00:11:13] Don’t mow. I want to mow and I want to get the mail. So maybe it’s just a simple thing, but I think it’s a, it’s the simple things that add up. So I’m hoping at the end of the year, my mom. 52 cards or 52. Hopefully she’s not, maybe [00:11:30] she’s thrown ’em away. It’s fine. Um, but she has this, at least a memory of that every week.

[00:11:36] Sometime that week she’s gonna get a letter from me. So maybe there’s a friend. I have been same time. I’m writing my mom, I’m writing different people. So somebody might be getting a letter. Um, and if you want a letter, Um, direct message me on Instagram or wherever, um, and send me your post, you know, your address and I’ll get you a letter.

[00:11:59] [00:12:00] Can’t promise it’s next month. But I am really gonna be trying. So I have been, now, I did one, at least one other person last, last month and now I’m gonna up it. So I’m gonna write my mom and my dad. I’m gonna, my mom and my dad one. I don’t want my dad to feel like I’m leaving him out. I write him and my dad and my mom same time.

[00:12:19] I mean, it’s the same letter. They live together, you know? Anyway. Hmm. So then I’ve, um, committing in February to write to two other people. They’re not always the same. [00:12:30] Right. Anyway, just a little thing I’m doing because I just like loving on people like that. And especially like Hannah likes to make cards, like let’s make, use these cards to love on some people.

[00:12:42] And I just think it’s a, a really fun, um, surprise when they get it in the mail and that you took a little bit of time to tell them what was going on in your day and to draw something or whatever. Anyway. Energize, [00:13:00] encourage, recharge, and connect. Okay, those are the four, four weeks and that’s pretty much it.

[00:13:06] But I wanted to tell you, this is a challenge maybe. So I was taking a class, uh, I think it was the style class from Tom fro on Skillshare, plugged to Skillshare. If there’s a link down below, if you want a free month. And I was, you know, cause I’m always trying to figure out, I don’t know if I have a style.

[00:13:25] I don’t know if I can even make a style if I’m finding that. But it’s something that [00:13:30] is interesting to me that I could be able to create something, whether it’s design or illustration or lettering or whatever that is somebody would be able to recognize as me. So I was like, one of the things he said is like, take four, three or four.

[00:13:47] People that you admire and kind of analyze their work? Well, I took it a little bit further than what he had said and I made, um, I am making like a little book because what I [00:14:00] realized when I start looking at my heroes or the people, I mean some of these people are dead. I mean, cuz they’re long gone.

[00:14:08] Right? But what do I love about them? It got. Energized about design, or energized about art, or energized about illustrating, and I was like, so being a college professor, kids are unmotivated and, um, I mean, not all kids, but we all, all creatives [00:14:30] go through a por portion of stagnancy, or you’re depressed or you’re just not motivated.

[00:14:38] You’re like, Ugh, I just don’t wanna work on that project. You know, like you’re just. I don’t know, you’re just burned out. Or maybe it’s not really burned out at this point, right? It’s something else. So I was like, okay, um, what do you do? This is what I want you to answer me. You can answer it in an email.

[00:14:57] I’ll send you an email next week about it or later [00:15:00] today or something. Or you can just send me an email from something you’ve gotten, um, to diane creatives when motivation runs low. What do you do to break that? So this is one exercise and I’m hoping we could kind of compile a list, all of us, and you can tell me it.

[00:15:20] So I’ll make a blog post just about it and I’ll just say, oh, well, Paul says he does this when he is, and maybe there’s lots of things you do. I don’t think I do just one thing. [00:15:30] But what I realized was when I look, I love books. I love going to the library. So, and I have, I had a whole bunch of books packed up and I got them out and I started, I told my husband, I was like, oh, it’s like I’m having my own library.

[00:15:43] It’s so fun to like look through all my books and, and just spend time looking at great design, great illustration, great paintings, and just. See what I like about it. So I did this. I’m gonna show my screen. [00:16:00] Okay, so this is Danielle Donaldson. Has anybody ever seen her? Thank you Amy. Um, anybody seen her?

[00:16:05] Does, do you know about her? She was a graphic designer, um, by trade. That was what she did. And, um, and she’s an illustrator, but then she really started. Um, doing more illustration and she started in more of like the crafts industry. She started authoring. She was a, a, uh, would teach classes, like some online classes, and I [00:16:30] found her through some of these, and I have taken all of her classes.

[00:16:33] I love this lady. I love, she has kind of like a shaky line. She always has a, um, A pencil line on there. A lot of watercolors, a lot of just like magical creatures. And so what I did was I, um, I just digitally took photos and, um, I just ha I answered. Now some of these questions are from Tom fro, from that skills share class, the [00:17:00] person’s name and their title, what they call themselves.

[00:17:02] So she would also say, I think call herself a. And then I said, what do I love about them? And I wanted to just be one word or small phrases, because what I’m trying to do is see, what is it about? I don’t wanna replicate Daniel Donaldson. I want. To see what I like about her that I wanna incorporate in my work, because I’m trying to get better.

[00:17:27] So here’s what I love about her work. It is [00:17:30] imaginative, wonky, cheerful joy. It’s shaky, it’s not perfect. So this gives me permission to not have everything perfect. Um, it is textural. It’s recycled and repurposed. Now that’s really important for me. Reusing something. Um, so she does that a lot as well. So then this is not, I think, from Tom Pros either.

[00:17:54] So this is when I, these, uh, maybe these three, maybe, I don’t know. Maybe he did say what I love [00:18:00] about them and may, maybe it’s the what about their work attracts me? What do I notice about their work and what about their style or work do I wanna incorporate into my work? And then the technique they use and context was from Tom fro.

[00:18:14] So just giving him credit for his style class. So in this, for me, and I’m gonna zoom in, hopefully I’ll be able to, um, keep reading. I mean, look at that cute little potting shoot. I think this is like a. Um, like an [00:18:30] ebook or a course or something. And then I’m zoomed in on some things. These are really kind of magical creatures.

[00:18:36] She uses watercolor a lot. Um, these aren’t digitally, Made, these are real physical things. She does put them together, but she sews on them. She cuts them. So I really like that. And, um, what attracts me pastel colors. I don’t really use pastel, so that’s definitely not something, but it is something that, um, I notice about her.

[00:18:58] So, [00:19:00] She has definite pencil lines. She’s not always fitting into the pencil lines, which I also like. She uses multimedia and it’s textural, and she even sews on some of the pieces. And then her work is that there’s a lot of texture or even simulated sometimes. Or real texture. It’s imperfect, imaginative, full of details.

[00:19:21] There’s this one I’m gonna kind of zoom in, um, or scroll down and let you see that I feel like I can get lost in the piece. And it is pretty realistic. [00:19:30] Or not realistic. It’s not realistic, but like if you look at this now, a lot of her, she has these really tall houses and that’s the ones that I’m probably attracted to the most, is that I think of them as, you know, this is a.

[00:19:45] This is unrealistic house, or she’ll have a hill. But it’s like, I imagine, I mean, that would not stand right. You couldn’t drive your car up to this little thing, and I don’t know where the stairs are. There’s no stairs, you know, like, so I have to throw my [00:20:00] realistic brain out. And I have to just imagine. So it’s really, um, allowing me to just be a kid.

[00:20:09] And then she puts patterns in all kinds of colors. Sometimes these are recycled pieces, as you can see here. This is something she’s sewn on. And then she just makes this bear, and I love that this bear, his eyes are way, way, way far apart, I think is really cute, and I really like that. But I also love this little potting shed.[00:20:30]

[00:20:30] I don’t, I mean, this looks like, um, like the plant, uh, a hy, not ayia a high, I just planted some of these hyper crocus and hy Hmm. Anyway, I don’t remember what it’s called, but they’re small. It’s a small little plant, so I can imagine like this tiny little shed, right. But the plants. Or it makes it something really small.

[00:20:58] Hith is what it [00:21:00] was. Whew. Thank you Jesus, for letting me remember that. Hiin, it’s a small little plant, or at least the ones I bought were small, but it’s like, oh, it’s this other world. And I guess that’s what I get from her. She has these dragons and um, mermaids and all kinds of, I don’t know, mystical creatures or something, but I.

[00:21:20] I love about this with her. And if you can go on and on about something that you love, this is some, like you’re selling me on it, right? [00:21:30] I, I want to see what motivates or what gets you excited. Who is somebody you look up to? And I think by doing this I get excited and ready to make, I actually did this in my sketchbook.

[00:21:45] I’ll show you that in a second. So what about their style or work do I wanna incorporate into my work? I think that was the next question. Cheerful subjects that connect with many people. She’s a teacher. Her style is definitive, but not locked into one subject, which I [00:22:00] really like. It’s not just bears or just animals.

[00:22:02] She creates scenes or houses and these animals, and then potting shed, things like that. So I don’t feel limited if I, I feel like she’s giving me permission to do multiple things. There are definitely things that I’m more attracted to than not Right. . Paul Rand is the other one I’m, um, was working on, but I didn’t finish.

[00:22:22] But again, so people from history, uh, to lose the trek is on my list. Um, and then there’s plenty of people who are, [00:22:30] uh, alive and, you know, like, I just want, I think what a better way to energize and start the month off by looking at some of the things that have energized me. Got me excited. The my career or what I was doing or made me want to be an illustrator, and I think she was one of those people.

[00:22:50] So the technique she uses, she uses pencil and watercolor, she uses collage. Layered. And so again, some of, I’m kind of repeating some things and then [00:23:00] context, which I also think is important. So people maybe who don’t know who Paul Rand is, he did, my mom might not know. Um, um, he did the I B M logo when it was like a B, you remember mom?

[00:23:12] Or maybe it’s just all the lines. He did it that as well, probably. Is what I think. Um, and then he did a lot of children’s books. He did a lot of advertising. He did minimal posters. Some of the posters that I collected for this page of his, and I, I know he did more than what I’m [00:23:30] putting on the sheet, but I’m trying to see what I’m really attracted to and what makes it interesting.

[00:23:38] Um, what I want to pull out of. So not everything is. Everything Danielle Donaldson does, might not end up on this. I’m limiting what’s on my, you know, inspiration in influences. And then she, um, is more a writer illustrator in the decorative arts industry. She is a [00:24:00] teacher and she creates classes. So I’m just trying to see where she’s.

[00:24:03] You know, um, spending her time and how she’s probably her income streams and things like this, because to me that she’s able to make a living doing illustrations like this and teaching classes and writing books, that’s very inspirational to me. So I did. Danielle Donaldson, I hope that you guys will do this.

[00:24:27] I think this. For me, this [00:24:30] is a good start motivator. Um, when motivation is running low, this is gonna be a go-to. I’m just gonna have a little deck that says, okay, here’s the thing. Pull one. I’m gonna find inspirations I’m gonna add to my little inspiration book that I’m making. So some of the other people that I have are, uh, Paul Rand, Holly Chastain.

[00:24:53] Sandy Hester, right. Um, I’ll show you some of these as I do. I’ll at least put them in some [00:25:00] of those. The other thing, it does really help me to go back and look at old sketchbooks. One to see how far I’ve. and maybe even to, um, find something that I didn’t think was, um, really good then, but now I’m looking at with, with clear eyes or maybe I find an old exercise that helped me.

[00:25:24] So I do think the documenting, whether you are a, a diary. [00:25:30] Writer or journal, a journaler. Maybe you go back to something much older, so you’re really having to go back to see, because some people were just full of ideas and we have a lot of ideas we might not even execute on them, but maybe we can take one of those old ideas and now execute.

[00:25:49] Anyway, just an idea. I hope you guys will join me and I think it would be fun to. Like this. So you can send me, uh, anything like a list of things [00:26:00] that you do when you’re feeling unmotivated and maybe we just go to sleep or we take a walk. That’s great. Let’s try those two. I’m willing, when I’m in that spot of unmotivated, I’m willing to try anything.

[00:26:13] Right? So, I mean, I have some old sketchbooks here. I usually write on the sides. Let’s see if I can find, I like really liked these. I don’t think I can find these anymore, to be honest. [00:26:30] Um, let’s see this one, 2016, 2016. One of these is 2014. Maybe it’s this one. But everything in my sketchbook is not drawn, you know?

[00:26:43] That’s okay. Maybe you like is there is, there is this website that I wrote down is, that’s even still in existence and then sometimes it’s like, I mean I didn’t, obviously, I didn’t know I was gonna show you this, but like what can you do with little lines? I mean a weird hair, I don’t know what this is on [00:27:00] that dog, but it’s like a broom or a mop or something.

[00:27:02] Look, that guy has weird teeth. And I guess that’s a robot, but it’s like taking one thing. So this is another exercise, so maybe that’s not really a huge motivator, you know, but maybe it’s a exercise that I can use in something else, another deck that I, uh, that I pull out from a card and say, Hey, try this.

[00:27:22] Because I think we all sometimes deal with motivation issues and I’m just trying to [00:27:30] have the tools at hand. I can help myself obviously, but also I can use it in class when I have a student or I can help one of you. I hope you guys will join me and love on some other creatives this February and we have a jam packed month.

[00:27:51] This is the only day that wasn’t uh, packed with a guest, so we’ll say happy birthday to Amy Lyons again. Her birthday’s tomorrow, [00:28:00] February 2nd, and. Just know, I would love to know where you are trying to grow, what area you’re trying to grow in, whether it is. Um, you’re trying to be a better illustrator or like, I’m trying to do things on YouTube, like I’m trying to grow a specific platform.

[00:28:23] I think setting that, yesterday I was talking to someone and they were like, well, I don’t really wanna dream about this, right? And I’m [00:28:30] like, no, tell me the big dream. And I think we’re afraid to disappoint ourselves or to disappoint that other person that we’re dreaming with. But I also am like, man, if you don’t have a really big dream, like.

[00:28:42] Then you’ll never get there. You won’t point your car there in the right way. Right? So Ash one’s focusing on YouTube too. All right. That’s it. That’s it for today. So it is love on designers, month designers, very general term illustrators, writers, creatives. Maybe I’ll [00:29:00] just change it to love on creatives.

[00:29:01] And it is the month that you can get. Um, here’s how you’ll win. Let me tell you this. So I picked five winners the last. Live shows I pick, uh, winners from and the other from a post I’m doing it. I’m just saying if you post, if yous. Any YouTube of mine, if you, uh, do a comment, then I’m gonna, that’s gonna count.

[00:29:28] So it’s not an old comment. So [00:29:30] it would, I know what day it is. You know, when they, when you comment, I can see, so somebody has to comment on a YouTube. So normally in the past we’ve always done it on Instagram or Facebook, and you comment and you share what. I, you’d be great if you’d share a video, but I can’t track that.

[00:29:47] So I ask you guys, cause it’s great if you can, but otherwise you’re just commenting and liking, um, and subscribing to the channel. That helps, helps me. But commenting really is so [00:30:00] that’s how you enter. Every week I will put in. Um, I will grab whoever has commented that week and you can hashtag it if you want, but if not, and I’m, my goal Mario’s gonna hold me to this, is that I’m gonna start doing some shorts on.

[00:30:18] Um, my mom probably doesn’t know what shorts are, so it’s like a little vertical video only on YouTube. Probably mom, you won’t see it, but maybe I’ll try to share it to you in another way. But I [00:30:30] am just focusing on that. So there’ll be some shorts and I’ve already started making some of those, and you’ll get some stickers.

[00:30:37] I’m gonna make some new stickers and I’m gonna hopefully have some new cards. So I would love to know what you do when. Motivation is low. Email and I hope that you will join me on energizing somebody else this week, and [00:31:00] I will see you next week with Robin Landa, who I have so many of her books and of course, I don’t know where they are in my bookshelf, so I’m not gonna focus on it.

[00:31:10] But we are gonna be focused on one book in particular, which is her newest, most newest book. It is green and black if you’re looking for it. It’s called The Art of New Ideas. And, um, I am excited to, [00:31:30] uh, go through this book with you. She has written for the design industry. Over 20 years. Now she’s kind of pivoting, so it’s kind of neat to see the pivot that she’s making to business and, um, creativity just as not just so much about design, but she has great branding books, great books on, um, advertising.

[00:31:54] So I’m excited. She’s a hero of mine. Super, super nice [00:32:00] and super humble. So I will see you guys next week and you guys can be like, oh my gosh, we, she did it. She did a rapid recharge. Anyway, I will see you guys next week and. I just hope you love on some people. All right. Oh, and just, I’m gonna put my thing back in there.

[00:32:21] It’ll also my thing, my YouTube channel. Ignite the end. [00:32:30] Bye y’all.

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