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Marketing Brainstorm Workshop with Anneli Hansson

An interactive brainstorming workshop with Anneli Hansson & new, creative-thinking friends help you find with new ways you could market and reach your ideal customers.

August 14, 2023 from 2–4pm ET / 7–9pm BST / 11am–1pm PT
Have you ever wished you could recruit a few creative-thinking friends to help you come up with new ways you could reach your ideal customers, you know a brainstorm session for your business. We can get different results when we brainstorm with people outside of our business.

We need help to think outside the box. You will walk away with actionable tasks you can do, how to plan, and things you can start implementing within the week.

Anneli Hansson is a master at thinking outside of the box, she is a whiz at asking questions. The way she asks questions helps uncover what is holding us back which is sometimes the bigger issue. After some instruction with the group we will dive into small groups for a brainstorm session you won’t want to miss.


This small group to large group back and forth is something Anneli is a master at. She loves interacting and is great at leading groups to uncover things you have not thought about.

Anneli Hansson has been working in marketing in Sweden since the 90’s and has had an incredible career helping large corporations and small mom & pop businesses grow. She thinks outside the box and gets results. Her techniques have helped me personally unlock areas in my business that no one else had been able to do for me.

anneli hansson marketing brainstorm workshop

She now for the last four years has been helping creatives with marketing and brand strategy techniques along. She has been an active teacher for the Futur and is a close friend of mine. She thinks different, she has a big heart, and can be really honest. I love the sweet and spicy that collides in Anneli.

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